Pramoedya Ananta Toer "Stroom Uit Het Noorden"

Pramoedya Ananta Toer "Stroom Uit Het Noorden" 
The work of Buru Island

Magsaysay Institute: "Pramoedya Ananta Toer .... Illuminated with brilliant stories and experiences of awakening consciousness of modern people of Indonesia."

Stroom Uit Het Noorden -- An epic post-triumph of the archipelago as a maritime power and unity in the early 16th century. 
      During the heyday of Majapahit, the archipelago is the unity of the largest maritime and marine kingdom among civilized nations on earth. Flow moves from south to north, everything: its ships, human, charitable deeds and ideals, all the moves from the archipelago in the south to the 'Wind Up' in the north. But times change ...
      Flow turning -- no longer from south to north but instead from north to south. North controlled the south, controlled pulse of life of the archipelago ... Disunity and defeat for the defeat was as a part of Java successive constantly.
      Wiranggaleng -- a simple village boy, became the protagonist in the epic epic to this terrifying. He fought until the central power of the Portuguese in Malacca, give it all -- even though only a handful of sand -- to stem the flow north.
Backflow can still turn over again? 
Hasta Mitra proud to present the great epic is Pramoedya Ananta Toer on the People and Homeland Indonesia, to celebrate half a century of independent Indonesia. In addition, we rejoice with the lovers of literature and writing pengagung freedom anywhere in the world with regard to two distinguished awards received by Pramoedya almost at the same time as the author of Indonesia, first: Ramon Magsaysay Award 1995 from the Philippines, second: Wertheim Award 1995 from the Netherlands .
      Stroom Uit Het Noorden is part of a major project studies the history of the archipelago made prior Pramoedya was arrested in 1965. Forced him to write the results of his research during the prisoners on Buru Island (1969-1979) without taking any notes inline. Produced is not a historical thesis, but the historical novel as well as by the history of Indonesia's national awakening movement poured in the form of tetralogy novel This Earth of Mankind, not a scientific paper.


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