Musso "New Road for the Republic of Indonesia"

Musso, "New Road for the Republic of Indonesia"

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Musso came all the way from Moscow was none other than not bringing a special task of the Soviet intelligence service but to bring the concept of self from there that is studying at New Road for the Republic of Indonesia and in essence, a new strategy for Indonesia in facing the communist fighters of independence should no longer works closed, illegal, but shows itself clearly in the presence of masses of the people of Indonesia. In order for the Indonesian people know there is a vanguard party that led the struggle for independence from foreign businesses to re-colonize the beloved homeland of Indonesia. It is expected that under the legendary Indonesian Communist Party was to deter foreign nations who want straddling the back of the motherland.
      For that strategy advanced by Musso unifying element is the Labour Party, Socialist Party, and the railway unions and youth and women wings in a container that is PKI. Thus the real intentions Musso. And that's not true is to change the Republic of Indonesia became the Soviets joined the Soviet Union. Countries or communist Soviets who had not yet become a target because of the Republic of Indonesia was established several years earlier and lightning has been recognized by the Soviet Union for the first time. And that means the Soviet Union recognizes the Republic of Indonesia Sukarno and not want to make Indonesia as a satellite state of the Soviet Union.
      Once the PKI is formed then the party which fuse in it automatically disbanded or disappeared by itself. Strength is only just under one command of the Communist Party of Indonesia. This concept can take place smoothly until here and then form the Front for the struggle of the People's Democratic Front or FDR.
      Musso openly campaigned from one city to another in Java. Starting from Madiun, Nganjuk, Kediri, Trenggalek, Ponorogo, Pacitan and onward. All were considered by the anti-communist group as a provocation to change the Republic of Indonesia became a Communist state, while Musso gather strength to help maintain the independence of the Republic of Indonesia.
      New Roads of the Republic of Indonesia should be a core strength to maintain independence by uniting vanguard Party and the masses of ordinary people, is the strength of a people's war in short and long term. With such a force impossible to foreign nations that rely on force of arms and soldiers who experienced the second world war was able to master the territory of the Republic of Indonesia.
      Since it first launched the Communist Manifesto then any communist movement was always full of mystery like a ghost, the strength that comes overt presence will never be tolerated in the real world by the anti-communists, led by capitalist countries, so the fund and how much power can be issued for annihilated candidates that raise the power of the communist elements.
      Musso finally killed in battle with our own people who have sponsored the capitalist countries. His name is so blurred in the history of the Republic of Indonesia is a super anti-communist. But he faded, not for any crime, he remains a heroic warrior Indonesia defends his homeland that has been soaked with blood. Musso's death for anti-communist group is a great victory. And for anyone who knew him directly Musso is a valiant warrior-brave selfless sacrifice. So it happened all the time in the history of class struggle between two opposing camps is always going on and gave birth to a new, more advanced synthesis again.
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