Pramoedya Ananta Toer "In De Fuik"

Pramoedya Ananta Toer "In De Fuik"

Since Hasta Mitra launched a reissue of the classic works of Pramoedya Ananta Toer on August 17, 1994, started a row with the Fugitive, Tales from Blora, then Guerrilla Family, we constantly receive suggestions from readers published again for a particular title essay Pramoedya Ananta Toer is apparently far in the past ever read. Of course the proposer promote choice of different titles. The books had indeed been circulating during the revolution or at the corresponding period of the year five-tens. All the books can now be categorized as classic works of Pramoedya Ananta Toer.
       We call the classical works as the creative works of Pramoedya tested across the borders of time, the borders of age, ideological borders, across continents. Pram's books read by English-speaking population, speaking Japanese, Swedish, German, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Vietnamese, French, all of which twenty foreign languages. No can not, this is clearly not only due to the values of purely literary, but first of all because of Pramoedya's works have a universal value-appealed directly appealed to the conscience of human dignity and justice of humanity of every person who reads it.
       It is interesting to note anyone who covet layer proposer books of Pramoedya's outstanding back. On average, they are not young anymore, in terms of age most of them belong to the armed '45, at least fans of Pram was already about half a century old. But one can be caught the same tone: as a youth in junior high school or junior high school they apparently never read Pramoedya's books -- the stories that once again an unforgettable read forever. Now as the people who had lived with various higher positions in society -- officials, doctors, lawyers, businessmen, professors, journalists, scientists, retired minister of the mother of ordinary household -- they yearn to read back old works Pramoedya. In particular, we allow here mention only one name of the proponent who is remembered in the hearts: Mahbub Djunaedi colleagues. Bung Mahbub argued that almost the same as others: they expect the kids or the generation below them also enjoy and appreciate the values that never arouse feelings during their young. Therefore, they naturally include people who deplore when Pramoedya's books can not be read freely.
      The most encouraging is that even if the proposer generally come from the elders, but the segment of Pramoedya's books readers are predominantly young children. These young people actually become readers with great enthusiasm, even become an active acceleration agent volunteered to help distribute the books Pramoedya. Why is that? This reality is a socio-psychological phenomena of interest to be given attention. Does social phenomena such as these must be inhibited, blocked or banned? Or do we need a more mature attitude wise to anticipate?

As long as circumstances permit, we feel obliged to continue to manage and preserve valuable national asset of this. Has recently been launched back Na Brehu Reky Bekasi, after the trio Fugitive, Tales from Blora and Guerrilla Family.
       This time we dedicate In De Fuik with a foreword by Taslim Ali, who though written nearly a half century ago, still remains valid and the actual observation and assessment of the community and its people in every respect, to this day. In De Fuik that in this edition longer published in two volumes, the new edition of Hasta Mitra is combined into one volume.
      Other works will still be followed.

Joesoef Isak, ed.


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