Pramoedya Ananta Toer "The mute's soliloquy"

The mute's soliloquy, the work of Buru Island

Pramoedya Ananta Toer

Introduction to Liberation Edition

The mute's soliloquy is the only non-fiction works of Pramoedya's Buru during detention in, not the novel. This book is a collection of records containing personal letters to his children who had never sent, also the essays, particularly striking was the sharp reflections recording what is experienced as a person, as a husband and father, as author and as a political prisoner regime militarism that robs all of it: the soul and thoughts following copyright of their possessions -- manuscripts, books, documentation, home, to the rights of citizenship and human freedom. In a nutshell: the regime Suharto-Golkar claimed the age-Pramoedya which by itself was also robbed the family happiness, wife and children. Fascist rulers strive harbored new order of values most valuable products of human creativity that actually belonged to Indonesia and the world community.
      Uniqueness: the note which is the social documentation of this nation are not published in his native language, but for the first time it rises in the land of others -- in the Netherlands as a Lied van een Stomme, two volumes, 1988-1989. Consideration? This book is too big political risk to be published in Indonesia in the middle of the power of fascism Golkar is capable of doing the dirtiest things. But the courage and steady tedad to seize freedom which they are entitled, make Pramoedya nonetheless decided to publish these notes when Suharto was in power management.

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