The Memoirs of Oei Tjoe Tat "Assistant to President Soekarno"

Pramoedya Ananta Toer ed. & Stanley Adi Prasetyo ed.

The Memoirs of Oei Tjoe Tat
Assistant to President Soekarno

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Republic of Indonesia consists of tribes that want to unite themselves thanks to a superior unifying figure who is said to unite the archipelago without any drop of blood shed he was the Bung Karno. One of the ethnic minority that is actually also a great nation of China is ethnic Chinese.
      President Sukarno of full attention to the Chinese people who have been residents of the archipelago for centuries but still hold the tradition of his ancestors certainly smart enough to want to lift Oei Tjoe Tat  or OTT Bung Oei birth from Semarang Chinese families are able and self-acquired education is very high. He is a law graduate who never opened the bureau lawyer with famous Chinese figures other as warriors law.
      Oei Tjoe Tat an official Baperki in this capacity he is worthy to be in accompanying Presidential Palace. In the discussion established the Agency for Indonesian citizenship parley Oei Tjoe Tat name that is parallel to the other figures Siauw Giok Tjhan who later became leaders appear Baperki. Baperki goal is clearly a mouthpiece for Chinese descent in political affairs and state affairs.
       Oei Tjoe Tat are honest and do not want to take advantage of his position for the sake of the treasure is perfect with the President who also people are not affluent. The tasks that are charged to Oei Tjoe Tat, among others, visited the areas densely populated and there must be a large Chinese community. In West Kalimantan, Singkawang full with Chinese population that the average economically disadvantaged. The arrival of a representative of the Central Government and even the personal representative of President Sukarno, which obviously the crew that would bring a positive impact for the Republic was not yet solid.
      Oei Tjoe Tat was elected Vice President Soekarno was not without consideration otherwise crude Oei Tjoe Tat even be people you trust the President in the event of the Movement September 1965 to collect the number of victims in areas of civil war between the communist and religious groups. Oei Tjoe Tat was flexible enough so many times finally concluded the number of casualties from the reports given to local officials. Millions of victims of the people who killed it needs to be calculated without classifying the group to which they belong. Because it can be ascertained almost 90 percent of the people who are considered communist.
      Confrontation with Malaysia and others as Sukarno's policies did not always run smoothly. There are other parties, especially from the military fellow who tried to build its own power for the sake of self-will bring benefits in the future. Groups of this kind can be detected and expertly tricked by Oei Tjoe Tat in order to convey his duties imposed by Sukarno, who is very respected.
     Political tempest with the Movement September 1965 brings tremendous impact to anyone, including government officials and government officials ranging from low level to a minister. Oei Tjoe Tat not be thrown from office and did not get a dime of money pension, also did not get any awards from the government New Order continued to replace the Old Order. New Order further prohibits acts book "The Memoirs of Oei Tjoe Tat" is.

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