Pramoedya Ananta Toer "Hikayat Siti Mariah"

Pramoedya Ananta Toer "Hikayat Siti Mariah"

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Minke actively engaged publish Medan Priyayi  (Medan Prijaji) with a special rubric legal assistance for poor people, by hiring a white lawyer is very effective in order to help the Natives class that always loses against the Netherlands because it can not be heard by the judge specifically Native Dutch residents get a first class legal guarantees. Indigenous residents only entitled to a justice of the court Indigenous lowly. A sort of legal entity Medan Priyayi newspaper have equality with one person before the law of the Netherlands Dutch East Indies.
      Not enough to just work behind a desk editor, Minke occasionally drops down to knowing the direct legal issues Indigenous people who complained via letter addressed to him or to the editorial desk Medan Prijaji.
       On a day finished a visit to a place Minke was dining alone at the sate shop owned Native, suddenly appeared a Dutch Indo entered the same shop and immediately sat down beside him, "You come also at last, what is the master need from me?" Minke welcome him to remember and then watched a little uneasy Indo continue it.
They shook hands first before the newcomer make itself heard.
      "Mr. Minke, excuse me a moment to joke, I really have a lot of evidence that the Indo group who became the first always. You do not believe? Try to guess who the author Nyai Dasima it, sir?"
     True author of a Indo.
     "Another master, the founder of the Indisch Party it also hosts know. He Indisch."
    Minke silent, became interested in the narrative of words this guest.
      "Bang, please make my guests this dish, yes." Minke tried to remember when his guest had met previously with this, but it's stuck his head would not be invited accessary, but felt it was very convincing indeed convinced never met before.
      Shop owner rushed began preparing a meal that was ordered by the customer.
       "I am really asking for help Mr. Minke ..." suddenly people who did not mention and did not want his name known to give away a neat bundle and deliver into the hands of Minke.
     "What is it sir ...." Minke quickly grabbed the package. A bit too heavy.
     "Oh, that entrusted a person who does not want to be named. Take it, sir!"
      "What do you ...?" Minke receiving food orders and promptly ate it. A serving of other dishes are now starting raided his guest.
      "At first I was a sailor ship. At one time we docked in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. There happened with the help of an acquaintance I could work at the Dutch consulate."
      Mr. .... resumed his statement, "Jeddah is in the Red Sea port city, once crowded like Rotterdam or Shanghai."
     "Oh, that's great. The work is very good, sir." Minke smiled slightly as his guest more friendly, "Of course, the office was involved also take care of pilgrims who came from the Indies."
      He nodded, guest appeared now rather to be relieved. No more restless.
      "Once again I reserve contained in the mandate of the package for you." He said he continued to eat meals quickly, and without wasting any more time he immediately excuses.
After living alone in a place that Minke immediately unload the contents of the package. Inside are neatly written notes and structured very well. In the package contained a manuscript owned by a man who called himself Haji Mukti. The title of the script or story Hikayat Siti Mariah. Overview Minke truss Web pages quickly and then after reading the fine Minke in certain parts could eventually conclude that living alone who actually called himself Haji Mukti and stories that are in it recounts his own personal life experiences that poured into the script Hikayat Siti Mariah.
      Overview of the contents of the Hikayat Siti Mariah tells of a boy who lost his mother and knew continuously without desperately trying to find the origin itself.
      To support his efforts, he chose to become a sailor and every time the ship was able to move from one country to another country. With persistent he finally managed to gather information about his parents and eventually to find out who the real parents. The drama that took place in the Indies was shifted to other parts of the world namely in the Middle East.
      Minke was in the end some day publish the manuscript as a running story in Medan Priyayi newspaper, of course, with credit the original author's name Haji Mukti.


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