Hamid Azhari "Islamic theology - Ilm ul Kalaam"

Hamid Azhari

Islamic theology - Ilm ul Kalaam

mbah subowo bin sukaris

The work of one of his graduate of Al-Azhar University Cairo tried to add to enlightenment for Muslims and other observers of the glorious Islamic.
      What is Al-Khawaarij, what it is Shia, and so forth or any premises of the clergy that affect Muslims in the corners of the world's other hemisphere, away from the life of the clergy itself. Lasted centuries thus added the rapid growth of Islam with great thinkers throughout history since the days of the Prophet, since the golden age of Islam in the seventh century, it now suddenly become the other and unimaginable from the past.
      Superpower United States has led to target shoot at Muslims with sheath against terrorism. Another hotbed, "is successfully imposed communism and fascism." How much more complicated or sects or schools of the religious schools of this one. And in essence, all flying the flag, "run by the syareat  of Islam peace be upon holy book Al-Qur'anul Karim and the Hadiths of the Prophet Mohammad," without any frills.
      Conflicts between the various schools or streams, each of which is spread or teach the great scholars of the world to measure friction and it has become different from each other mutually consider themselves right and others wrong or misguided. Anyone who accuse it of course was a chance hold the power to accuse whether misguided or not it heretical.
      Allegations as an evil cult is a powerful weapon to prove the truth of themselves by assuming the others are wrong and not true to the teachings of Islam are labeled no-strings  in addition to two main sources of the word of Allah Almighty and Prophet Mohammad's Hadith which is recognized all Muslims in the whole universe.
       Historical development of Islam since the time of the Prophet is very dynamic with the emergence of difference, and unfortunately that could be called the antithesis differences were never produced a new synthesis that are equally accepted unanimously as a result of historical development of Islamic thinkers. That's totally jammed right words to assess the situation of the Islamic world in modern times, in the information technology is affecting human beings wherever he was with the freedom to access information and disseminate information. The discussions just trying to sharpen the differences that have existed fifteen hundred years ago.
      Consequently for the majority of Muslims are simply reacting to the little things that are not small in their view to implement the Al-Qur'an and Hadith of the Prophet. The reaction of anger against the behavior that is considered offensive "aqidah" is not a global response but a few of them even though quite large in quantity from the reactionary circles.
      Even the West phobia, phobia towards democracy, phobia against others who considered this and it is a hobby of the intellectuals of Islam to the present, all it can deny or argue and conclude with a brief to use the brain to defend their own opinions.
      And fitting with the ability of human thinking which is a noble creature on this earth develop the culture of Islam is the duty of every Muslim. Differences of views that come from ordinary people is always a common thing for all it's just ordinary people who have degrees in front or behind his name and they did not the Prophet or Apostle then no one had the most true mind, because the truth is most people thought in accordance with the historical development of society.
      The class struggle among Islamic thinkers is the historical process which will bring progress to produce a new synthesis in Islamic thought unimaginable future that it becomes a secret of Allah Almighty.
Subowo bin Sukaris
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