Banten 100 Years since the Max Havelaar

Banten 100 years since the "Max Havelaar"

Ir. Sri Djoko Moeljono

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Pramoedya Ananta Toer and Ir. Sri Djoko Moeljono equally enemies of the New Order, suffered the same fate was detained by the military with allegations involved 30 September 1965 rebellion. In those days all the supporters of Sukarno and the PKI sympathizers are victims included in the list of hunting by the military army which calls itself the New Order.
    The two people above undergo the same fate as political prisoners are employed or employed by the military force that was maintaining and detained without trial. Pramoedya Ananta Toer experience of forced labor on the island of Buru to build infrastructure for new rice fields printed its land, while Ir DS Moeljono fate became romusha in Banten, West Java, as the power to build, and improve state roads in the vicinity Labuan or Malingping, etc., at the end of the west coast of Java island.
      Inside the prison camp Pramoedya produced major works called Buru Quartet, and several other titles that are very high weighted value, while the DS Moeljono who earned his engineer in the Soviet Union, in college or a university in the city of Moscow to produce paper records that Daily on direct experience as a convict who was hired by the national army of the Republic of Indonesia.
      To fool the military is very strict and merciless that DS Moeljono wrote his diary in Russian and Russian letters in addition to other languages are mastered well. The results can now be called a social document of great importance and will to read the younger generation that cares archipelago nation's history.
      Corruption in the military that employs the Prisoners do occur in Banten and the island of Buru. Whatever form of corruption that is clearly detrimental to the country directly or indirectly. Ration political prisoners on Buru in Banten and not everything will be intact but has been circumcised by the military, and so on.
      In The Mute's Soliloquy, Pramoedya wrote carefully any military actions ranging from low power to enrich themselves to the camp commandant, and the victims of the prisoners who caused the military act on Buru. Pramoedya himself was beaten with rifle butts on his head which resulted in it less able to listen to the voice clearly.
      DS Moeljono complement The Mute's Soliloquy Pramoedya with 100 years of the Max Havelaar, between Max (1865) and DS Moeljono (1965) extended the time period of 100 years are equally involved in their respective roles about forced labor in Banten is one area in the Dutch colonial period and the other in the New Order era.
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