Siauw Giok Tjhan "notes from editors"

Siauw Giok Tjhan

Notes from Editors

With joy we publish this biographical work, not only because of its content is important, not because the topic was the actual and still actual -- not because the topic is still going to remain relevant in the future of the old -- but because we are proud of the opportunity in this way should respect people we should respect: Siauw Giok Tjhan. We consciously refuse to be part of those who do not know history, let alone deny history; not know people appreciate the service all the days of his life devoted to the independence of Indonesia, for the development of the Indonesian nation -- nation building -- and for justice and welfare.
      Siauw Giok Tjhan was one who suffered the injustices of history. A dozen years in prison he was silenced by the New Order regime, then living in the rest of his life as a political refugee and died at the shoreline of people -- all of that must be endured after he was actively involved in defending the independence and busy to participate in filling the development of Indonesia as the country that he loved.
      From the name alone is clear that he is of Chinese descent, by the New Order regime deliberately changed to China, using the pretext of justification that the English were using the word 'China'. In the British context it is entirely true -- there is no negative connotation whatever -- but we all know the background of why the New Order suddenly standardize the use of Chinese words in the Indonesian language. From the moment it was clear appearance of the word "China" released in the middle of witch hunt campaign against the PKI and the citizens of Chinese descent who are associated as agents of China, the communist Chinese agents who must be crushed. It's where the starting point for the establishment of the repressive powers of the New Order: planting the seeds of racism and hatred against the Chinese explosion of latent can explode or exploded at any time as necessary.
      Chinese dwarf who say this, patriotic levels may be more viscous than the average person who claims to "authentic natives", the fact that he declared in deed and work, not just a verbal vacuum. New Order's easy to throw and removes all contributions Siauw that as parlementarier accomplished has resulted in numerous laws, regulations and political insight, economy and culture in order to foster unity and the unity of the Indonesian nation in the pluralistic society of ethnic, religious, cultural or political opinion. Also a huge stake in the birth of young scholars and intellectuals in Indonesia through its education with the establishment of schools at various levels through college. Lighthouse for the group as well as full-blooded Chinese descent, he never stopped selfless instill awareness in those who were born and live in this nusantara that their homeland is Indonesia.
      Racism against the Chinese ethnic groups do have a long history. Dutch colonialism deliberate use of racism as an instrument of divide et impera to master the colony economically diverse ethnic people and culture. But since Indonesia's independence, let alone going into the next millennium, racial problems that have become the problem entirely within Indonesia itself, he became the responsibility on the shoulders of the political elite following the intellectuals. We drag here Indonesian scholars, academics, especially social scientists, because it is very unfortunate that even today they have not produced a deep and thorough study of the so-called "domestic Chinese", there is no class analysis is to dissect a segment of Indonesia that it deserves serious research material. What was then the fragmentary study highlights one or two aspects of a complex entity. Quite a lot of writing even contributed to the spread of ambiguous perception of the group of Chinese descent, a group that has become an inherent part of Indonesian society. Stereotypical perceptions are mushrooming in our society, such as: All the chinese rich! All Chinese conglomerate yes! That collusion with officials of Indonesia's natural wealth drain, yes china. Where there are Chinese destitute? Chinese farmers are poor?
      Playing at this rate clearly fosters social jealousy destructive. Political elite and left-right, reactionary and progressive one way or another, share responsibility for the perception.
      Siauw Giok Tjhan with remarkable tenacity trying to put the question correctly. For that he must penetrate the jungle thicket of ignorance and smallness: "leaders" original, full-blooded Chinese descent as well as the insular outlook. With the concepts he was convinced that addressing poverty and social inequality is not the way to find let alone creating scapegoats: the wealthy Chinese, the Chinese traders. It would be like amputating legs and arms that are needed for work, only because of itchy ears. That feature of the various rulers who loudly opposed the policies of racism, they also loudly boasting about integration and assimilation -- that their assimilation was carried out only limited to wealthy Chinese purse, silently at the same time they are the fans of racism to keep preserve of the political faction. The period of the little people then become subject and object at once.
      Siauw Giok Tjhan open our eyes about how much potential that was conceived by humans and the Earth Indonesia, the origin of all the confusion of perception improved, make productive of all the counter-productive. With this biographical work we can follow the perspective Siauw insights about the great potential of the concept of integration and "different but the same" people who actually owned the nation of Indonesia.
      Did Siauw Giok Tjhan? There are times that it feels as if successful, but then the raw return. The author of this book -- despite its own biological child -- clearly outlining his insightful thinking objectively without pretension thrusting an absolute truth that must be followed. But at least through the writing interesting and current, this book invites people think reflect all the positive and negative experiences in the past in order to take the best and most appropriate way in the problem of racism that visit did not finish until today.
      We emphasize here again the fundamental importance of class analysis and thorough about this citizen of Chinese descent, an integral part of our nation Indonesia. Not to be completed to solve the problem of racism during the perception of stereotypes are still rampant, during the inventory problem has not been done completely and thoroughly.
      Express our high appreciation here to Abdurrahman Wahid who was willing to give an introduction to this work of Siauw Tiong Djin. It's just a little proof that Gus Dur is not among those who deny history. He was also honoring an Indonesian citizen who deserves respect.
Joesoef Isak, ed.
Subowo bin Sukaris
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