The secret route Majapahit troops war

The secret route Majapahit troops war

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Temple Penataran since 1200 AD was the lighthouse's Hindus in the eastern parts of Java Island. The temple was built Queen
Srengga of Kediri in 1190, they nevertheless can be reached from four departments namely: Wates path, the path of Kediri and Majapahit; lane Selorejo reservoirs, Ngantang, track the Majapahit and Singosari Malang; Rambut Monte line, track the Singosari; and last lines of local residents.
      Temple Penataran located in northwest corner of the city of Blitar. From the tomb of Bung Karno 8 km straight course to the North.
       Kediri troops coming from North-west direction must choose a route through Wates, Pasar Pathok, Nglegok to reach the Temple Penataran, this is a very exclusive lines and can be reached within a half-day trip Cikar (ox cart) of Kediri. This path also taken by the Majapahit troops who come from Mojokerto, Jombang, Kediri in order to reach through
the temple Penataran to hold a religious ceremony that is always done before Majapahit attack ground troops eastward, the kingdom Blambangan. Also, to conquer other parts of the archipelago, is always started ceremony from the temple Penataran.        The temple Penataran from the beginning beside the pastor of Kediri also used in the next period used various parts of the kingdom in eastern Java: Songosari, and Majapahit. In every period of time for a royal master and have sovereignty over the temple is a symbol of victory and upgrading the power of the king who is recognized by the entire eastern part of Java.       After Majapahit troops held a ceremony in the temple Penataran will move to the East through the Rambut Monte and continue to the East via the Waduk Karangkates and onwards to Malang. Months so the new troops will come back and take the same route back to the temple Penataran to hold a ceremony once again as a form of gratitude after the completion of royal duties. And some troops would return after visiting Penararan to Trowulan through reservoir Selorejo, Ngantang, and continue to Jombang and Mojokerto.
       The visitors of today can wash themselves with water from a pond to be efficacious in the eastern corner of the temple, said the pool had been used since ancient times for purification. 
       The temple Penataran in Blitar and Goa Selomangleng in Kediri having an identical relief in the form of spheres with diameter of 30 cm, in the form of a circle painted flowers. The difference in age both of these ancient sites roughly half-century the first Goa Selomangleng.

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