Pancasila and the ghost of Marxism-Leninism

Pancasila and the ghost of Marxism-Leninism

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Pancasila as an ideology of a united Indonesia proved powerful and able to survive more than half a century or more precisely sixty-five years, and remained strong throughout the period. Compare this with the Soviet Union the first country in the world of Marxism-Leninism ideology survived for seventy four years. Various efforts to replace the state ideology of the union was continuously carried out by other groups, but never succeeded. Why? Pancasila is the result of direct excavation of the archipelago itself. Core than the five precepts of Pancasila that if pressed hard is "gotong-royong". And fifth, if translated Pancasila wide then the result is the San Min Chui, the Al-Qor'an, Marxism, and Marhaenisme or Indonesian-style nationalism. Nationalism and the Indonesian nation has been born since that Pledge Youth 1928 pledge nation a nation of Indonesia.
       Pancasila itself is never contrary to the fundamental building blocks itself mentioned above and mentioned by diggers themselves. Dr. Ir. Haji Sukarno. Is Pancasila as simple as that memorized the fifth precepts primary school children and not as good as any other ideology? That requires creative thinking and seeing its own in view of the core rather than Pancasila itself.
      In the "New Order" Pancasila distorted in a way to pit strength against another ideology, that ideology Pancasila was magic and the other is the enemy rather than ideology. Yet it is clear Pancasila ideology synthesized from the world's great that rests on earth own homeland.
      Foreign ideologies which are not purely the result of direct earth excavation of Pancasila was never and impossible to replace Pancasila as long it's really true and justified what is Pancasila ideology which does not conflict with any in the world. Therefore the prohibition of other ideologies as teaching materials and materials science studies are contradictory to Pancasila.
       Believe me if syareat Islamic ideology, the ideology of Marxism-Leninism, the ideology of liberalism allowed to live in the archipelago so any attempt to replace the Pancasila was never successful because all of it imported ideology. Pancasila does not recognize afraid of syareat Islam or Marxism-Leninism. Of course with the basic requirement that the Indonesian nation must stand on their own feet in economic, cultural, and political. Indonesia is not self-sufficient state certainly has no requirement to maintain the unitary state ideology Pancasila sebegai all time.

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