Divination Joyoboyo "Natural disasters Nusantara"

Divination Joyoboyo "Natural disasters Nusantara"

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The development history of Java and the archipelago in the future is predicted in the form of poetry which preceded his time predictions by a fortune-telling of the eleventh century, Joyoboyo.** Since the first island of Java, which can also mean that the archipelago has a rich natural, abundant mineral in the bowels of the earth, the inhabitants abundant in one day will face disaster constantly, among others, in the form of flash floods, volcanic eruptions. The spread of population from the island of Java, the archipelago is very rapid progress since the white people in power in the archipelago that requires manpower to open new areas for oil palm plantations, among others, coffee, spices. As well as the administrative power of the colonial government as well as members of foreign military forces.
       Natural disasters are something that is common to nature which also has the power to live and be bound by scientific laws and the supernatural. Natural uncomfortable with all sorts of human activities to reach the highest peak in the field of science and technology so that natural advantage with efficient and intensive, but unfortunately only to satisfy man's own interests without ever respecting the nature.
       The future depicted by the life of Javanese people who work and live in circles in a winnowing tray. Winnowing is a container of woven bamboo-shaped flat round 66 cm diameter. Winnowing can be used to separate the rice and rice bran and rice stalks. You do this by turning the container it counter-clockwise or vice versa. If counter-clockwise point to collect the lighter objects right in the middle. And if the point in a clockwise direction to separate object light to the edge of winnowing.
      So the Java / Archipelago always scattered in all directions outside the region and in the overseas thrust precisely due to limited living space. But one time at the feast they returned to the land of their ancestors. And so on the movement exactly with rice or rice that is being circles in a winnowing tray for which the original may collect rice / not rice and what is right bran / not bran.
      At the time of the new order thinking as defined by the uniformity imposed ruler occur ranging from elementary school children to academics with a doctorate. Nobody else hummed rhythm, the scholars, monks, priests, and ascetics or paranormal is the same no courage to express "piwulang adi" or doctrine or science of truth. Because the new order did not hesitate to kill or imprison anyone who harass the goods of security and public order act and think differently by authorities, either directly or indirectly. The number of victims of the new order multiplied times the number of casualties in the Vietnam war the local population plus the Korean war.
      Currently, the government of SBY happen "banjir bandang ana ngendi-endi......" mountain could erupt without previously thought, even without any instructions in the exact sciences as well as in a dream. Also in SBY era of mass organizations so hated "kebathinan" streams that undergo behavior "pati geni" aka "ngelmu" in various ways, among others, excessive fasting indefinitely. Mass organizations are acting according to the message sponsor, the sponsor was afraid his identity uncovered a dark blemish on the new order "marga wedi kapiyak wadine sapa sira sing sayekti." SBY is not the source of causation of natural disasters right now but the new order was and all that remains character holding power culprit of all this (as well as the Lapindo mudflow) -- according to the poem Joyoboyo.
      Colonial scientists who brought to his country and further learn from the books of the ancient heritage of the ancestors Nusantara was formulated that defeat centuries make the Javanese archipelago nation to undergo the punishment and pain behavior in order to gain strength and supernatural powers. Unfortunately history is not as complete terms and as freely as before the arrival of white colonialists, ie during the Majapahit, Mataram, Demak, Kediri, Singosari, Srivijaya, and so on. So all , suffering, and torment that made it always hit the wall thickness due to the shift of the ancient books that belonged to a foreign nation.


**  polahe wong Jawa kaya gabah diinteri
       endi sing bener endi sing sejati
       para tapa padha ora wani
       padha wedi ngajarake piwulang adi
       salah-salah anemani pati
               banjir bandang ana ngendi-endi
               gunung njeblug tan anjarwani, tan angimpeni
               gehtinge kepathi-pati marang pandhita kang oleh pati geni
                marga wedi kapiyak wadine sapa sira sing sayekti

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