The miracle of Pancasila = PKI annihilated?

The miracle of Pancasila = PKI annihilated?

mbah subowo bin sukaris

New Order plugging October 1 as the miracle of Pancasila Day to commemorate the success of New Order eradicate communism from earth Archipelago. Indonesia  founding fathers Bung Karno's as the diggers Five Principles of the archipelago never know if magic Pancasila it was just since G30S incident erupted. Founding figures of the Republic of Indonesia is the state ideology Pancasila, which convened and ratified the Republic of Indonesia on August 18, 1945. Since then, Pancasila has been magic for the Republic is standing upright with the other nations in the world. No events G30S Pancasila remains powerful, without being defended by anyone either military or civilian, the Pancasila remains powerful. Why magic? Yes, as a state ideology he represents the political direction and basis for political action of Indonesia.
      Pancasila is it true that the original anti-communist, anti-religion, and anti-other? No! Bung Karno was an intellectual and genius who earned a Doctor Honoris Causa most in the world thanks to the valuable social science -- and he was a graduate engineer ITB Dutch East Indies -- thanks to his diligence to absorb knowledge from books and his skill in writing his own mind. Bung Karno was not an anti-communist, Bung Karno even consider Marxism as a sharp knife tool to dissect the social development of society people. Bung Karno who had reached the level ma'rifat in Islam that proved he received his doctorate from Al-Azhar of Cairo. And of course the Bung Karno, a genuine nationalist - though there are rumors he signed a letter of request for forgiveness from the Dutch. And the last in the days of Japan's Bung Karno considered a collaborator by Allied troops as Bung Karno cooperate with Japan ....... So after a variety of backgrounds that on June 1, 1945 Bung Karno's speech in advance BPUPKI session that gave birth to the Pancasila, and celebrated as the day of birth of Pancasila.
      Pancasila by digger itself is a synthesis rather than the San Min Chui, Communist Manifesto, the Qur'an, and mutual assistance. Naturally anti-everything ideology Pancasila not large or big religion, and even more planted on the soil of the motherland itself in terms of mutual assistance.
     Pancasila real magic is in each of June 1 which was first excavated from the presence of Pancasila motherland.
      Pancasila is holding hands with Unity in Diversity  (Bhinneka Tunggal Ika) Mpu Tantular undoubtedly immortal supernatural powers during the Republic of always siding with the proletariat, the common people and people of Marhaen, believers, and not serve the interests of multinational capital.


Subowo bin Sukaris
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