Image of Prophet Mohammad s.a.w.

Image of Prophet Mohammad s.a.w.

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The statue or idol in the teachings of Islam based on Al-Qur'an and Hadiths of Prophet unlawful. Haram means something that is done will get a sin. Another with the Ahmadiyya who has the main character of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad did not forbid images of the leader. Prophet Mohammad s.a.w. during his life in Mecca and migrated to Medina while not once covered a very handsome face was of the view that his followers were people who just embraced Islam. They were certainly very lucky to see His Prophet!
Nearly six hundred before Prophet Isa a.s. who brought the Gospel for Christians differ in the matter of affairs indeed His Messenger picture. They arrived today (Christians) for nearly two thousand years can still be staring at a picture of Prophet Isa as they call Jesus Christ.
Islamic law forbids images of the Prophet, too, also spread to all corners of the world and resulted in the destruction of the idols of Hindu, Buddhist, and Christian. How important statues and ornaments in the form of pictures of animals for Hindus. Similarly, the importance of the statue of Siddhartha Gautama was meditating for Buddhists. All tangible statue was regarded as an idol which is unlawful.
Consequently arise revenge on the people against the new school due to entry into the area right before the Shiva-Buddha Majapahit kingdom collapsed. Majapahit royal heritage and also another in the past almost disappeared in the era of Islam by the nine saints of Java with Walisongo title.
Similarly, any pagan belief unlawful, and also that intersect with the Prophet's picture in this twenty-first century. By using Internet technologies have certain parties who intentionally take pictures or caricatures of Prophet Mohammad s.a.w. peace be upon him, of course Muslims are adherents are the majority of the world's largest offended and outraged. Anyone making photographic images or caricatures of the Prophet it would have a motive for each one that is certain to provoke Muslim anger around the world. Draw lessons from the Prophet Isa who is considered God's own negligent and adored his drawings and sculpture -- but the image and statue of Jesus -- just a symbol of an intermediary to worship the unseen God Almighty. Similarly the statues of Hindu-Buddha is not worshiped but consecrated objects was only a tool or a mere symbol. Teachings of the Prophet continued to grow and develop according to the laws of certain history. Destruction of other religious symbols are not purely derived from Allah's Apostle but the practice requires that it should happen.
Islamic law does not tolerate symbols in any form except garnish in the form of Arabic calligraphy and the Al-Qur'an holy book should be considered sacred. In building the mosque is forbidden animal-shaped ornament or people who are considered animate. Decoration is an image of plants is still allowed in addition to the letter of the Al-Qur'an.
Islamic Caliphate grown rapidly since the days of Prophet Mohammad s.a.w., which was continued by Abubakar r.a., Umar bin Khattab r.a., and Uthman r.a. sphere of influence of Islamic caliphate stretching from Spain in Europe, Ethiopia in Africa, the Balkans and almost reached the Indian subcontinent. In those days there was no prohibition to see it in person or depicting the Prophet Mohammad s.a.w.. During his life he has not an idea of the Prophet are forbidden. But after he died, the highest clerics also the Caliph was the successor of the prophet forbid the depiction or drawing of the Prophet Mohammad s.a.w.. So it lasted until the twentieth century this one.

Subowo bin Sukaris
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