G30S and the White Terror Third

G30S and the White Terror Third

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Dipa Nusantara Aidit've tasted fear in my heart that the disaster is coming soon, feeling upset like it was just buried himself, and only the closest people who look strange on his face is so sad right before the moments of occurrence of "white terror third "in September 1965. Aidit who on several occasions mentioned the term "white terror" is referring to the extermination of the communists of Indonesia. The first white terror occurred in 1926, both the white terror in September 1948.
      Aidit indeed knew well in advance Untung cs movement plan that would move to arrest army generals who conspired in a "general council" to be exposed to the President. However, power officials Aidit as a big special bureau was actually not one hundred percent control of any military faction in the body of the Indonesian National Army let alone to be able to join it interfere with the movement before the movement moving. Aidit and Sjam Kamaruzzaman as frontman of BC is not fully in command Tjakrabirawa main forces.
     Lieutenant Colonel Untung Syamsuri really want to repeat the heroic struggle the Dutch colonialists future "Untung Suropati" which comes from Bangil. That opportunity comes with full support from the Bureau of particular PKI is the main task of the military influence to support the communist forces without arousing suspicion so that BC will not take over command of the military's own will but in control forces respectively. Untung Syamsuri that consider themselves luckily as Untung Suropati which will be the king's popularity has a strategic position to repeat the history of heroism anymore.
     PKI special bureau that is the secret of giving full support to the military's closest bodyguards of President leadership Untung Syamsuri course without the approval of the plenary session the other Party officials in hierarchy organization. BC and Lieutenant Colonel Untung actually did miscommunication and each move individually aka not in a structurally and functionally coordinated in an effort to defend the position of Bung Karno, the Great Leader who holds the supreme command of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of the Republic of Indonesia from the threat of "general council" which intend a "coup" on the Anniversary of TNI October 5, 1965.
      It's only natural for the most loyal troops in the Bung Karno Cakrabirawa the command of Lieutenant Colonel Untung Syamsuri the most appropriate prevention initiatives taking over everything that threatens the dignity and power of the Great Leader of the Revolution. Maintaining the prestige of President at the palace and outside the palace means Tjakrabirawa troops also have authority throughout the territory of the Republic of Indonesia in the region held a major security operation to save the President. Especially in an atmosphere of war launched by Bung Karno that time to "devour Malaysia" outright and get rid of colonialism from the archipelago and surrounding areas. Now (2010) state that Malaysia would be turned even more daring shine blatant challenge to deal with all the strength to fight on land, sea, air and the Indonesian National Army.
      In the atmosphere of confrontation crush Malaysia and the cold war between the capitalist camp and the socialist-communist faction, the communist forces that always deter the Western world of all times, especially against the colonialist and capitalist -- now (1965) growing in the archipelago -- would deal with such cases the party anti-communist foreign will not stay silent until the archipelago, especially if the country falls into communist. For that effort to uproot President Sukarno increasingly intensively conducted by foreign secret services and intelligence services of other countries who want the archipelago was under its influence economically and militarily. In recent times of President Sukarno's speech was mention of the foreign threat, and the troops Tjakrabirawa threats against the president means being full of duty and responsibility to take all necessary action, in the palace area and outside the palace covers the entire territory of the Republic of Indonesia.
      Back to the feeling of Bung Aidit before the D days of military movements Army generals were arrested. Bung Aidit wonder the self-what will happen in the future after the military movement? What if failure so to revive the white terror of the nest with a fixed target: PKI? His feelings are restless without a clear cause and how to overcome them. Bung Aidit the day-to-day life in the community and not hide in the forests, it is bothering him in terms of security in case anything would be difficult for him to save himself and his family. Thus, he finally resigned to face what will happen and without any preparation just wait it out the running time. At worst the coming destruction of the Party under his leadership following the massacre and Communist-hunting people had not even crossed his mind. He did not prepare a plan x for the worst. Aidit more wrestling with his own restless feeling in the office of the CC Kramat Raya. He was depressed only in the last days. Bad omen it was never realized until he later decided to leave the capital soon after the movement Lieutenant Colonel Untung that failed due to killing of the generals who were captured. The death of the generals was fatal and cause a movement disorder that does not take into account when this happens.
      Third White Terror predicted by DN Aidit a few days before 30 September 1965 it finally became a reality, a brilliant achievement for the Western bloc and the United States-led capitalist world so crowded stomach tattoo praising the greatness of each in formulating strategies eliminate the communist forces in the archipelago who reputedly abundant natural resources, has been annihilated by communist forces in large numbers that rattle the hearts and become their nightmare that supports the Truman Doctrine and the McCarthy anti-communist then there is no longer guard the fort and bull for natural resources in the archipelago so that eventually fell into the hands of multinational capital to this day the people of Indonesia at the expense of the legitimate owner of such property.

Subowo bin Sukaris
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