Divination Joyoboyo second "Semut ireng anak-anak sapi"

Divination second Joyoboyo "Semut ireng anak-anak sapi"

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Marcopolo Italian explorers left mainland China in 1292 after living so many years of bringing amazing world news for the continent of Europe. Two hundred years later in 1492 the Italians Christophorus Columbus also landed on the continent of North American Indian nations and preach that the world is round, a round ball.
White Europeans known to be very diligent and tenacious work like black ants, and always drink cow's milk in infancy. They became restless and prepare yourself with a small screen ships nimble and quick so knowing there is news of another major world full of adventure challenge. For years they need to design an armed ship to sail the oceans to find new worlds in search of new raw materials, and the spices from the source directly in the middle east or elsewhere in the world.
Divination Sri Aji Joyoboyo second, "semut ireng anak-anak sapi" has proven true since it was first voiced two hundred years ago counted since Marco Polo arrived in China coincided with the founding of Majapahit.
Majapahit stood in 1293 at the same time that Europeans began to modernize their ships with the help of people like Marco Polo returning from the Orient, especially China with a great story and apply new technological advances in Europe.
Majapahit Kingdom and continental Europe competed to build greatness each with ships are ready to fight in the middle of the ocean, Majapahit was behind the earth rather than continental Europe or America. Later the Europeans managed to enter the territory of Majapahit Nusantara unnecessary fighting the great power of Majapahit as is experiencing internal conflicts that destroy self-paregreg in the war. Strength Southern hemisphere superpower on earth is totally destroyed so that no nation had the chance to deal with whites who came to invade the world.
Hindu-Buddhist kingdom of Majapahit supplanted by Islam that does not have a strong navy Majapahit, but they have an army that is not less powerful to that of Majapahit. They came together by the strength of Islam everywhere who stand ready to face the Christian European nations with armed warships difficult conquered everywhere. Who was more superior in the fight? Conflict crusade in Europe and the border with Asia moving into a new world, South Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia and East Asia. China sent troops into southern waters (Nan Yang) is not so strong to help the small kingdoms in the archipelago withstand flash floods European ships. China even play a role in eroding the power of Majapahit so no shield in southern waters are well respected in the past. The strength of China is more focused on maintaining security in the Northern hemisphere. So it is not able to fill the void left Majapahit.
Pope Leo X stifling dissension among the Europeans with Christians gaining new areas in other parts of the world, has become a liability of the Pope to reconcile it with the issue Jus Patronatus or Padroado in 1514. Spain ge sailed to West and Portuguese get sailed to the East.
Two opposing forces Christians who sailed in this direction eventually completely surrounds the world and clashed on the islands of the Philippines, Spain survive in the islands, the Portuguese was thrown into East Timor. Both of them attempt to monitor and keep "wait and see" islands of Maluku spice such as nutmeg, cajuputi oil, and clove.
Meanwhile, there is an other European nations, most industrious "semut ireng": the sea to become land and have milk-producing cows most in the Friesland area, and drank more milk than other nations namely the Dutch. Cornellis de Houtman landed in Batavia or Sunda Kelapa in 1596. The nation's most industrious and orderly administration managed to master the archipelago with the conquering Islamic empire and the remnants of the Majapahit kingdom fractions: Makassar, Kalimantan, Aceh, Bali, Papua and Nusa Tenggara. This is the arrival of foreign nations that have been predicted by Sri Aji Joyoboyo hundred years earlier, "semut ireng anak-anak sapi."
The Dutch controlled the archipelago during the last three hundred fifty years, and coincided with the arrival of displaced Joyoboyo forecast fourth, "Kejajah saumur jagung karo wong cebol kepalang" aka the Japanese.

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