Divination Joyoboyo "era Kalasuba"

Divination Joyoboyo "era Kalasuba"

mbah subowo bin sukaris

1998 fall of the New Order, at the same time also the time period beginning kalabendu or kolobendu entering the final round, and in conjunction with the arrival of the third millennium was imminent. Islamic religion that has lasted for fifteen centuries it is said will remain victorious until the end of time ie until the Day of Resurrection, is now facing problems with the superpower United States who are hunting terrorists and hardline Islamic fundamentalists, also means both are entering the final round time kolobendu as predicted by the King Joyoboyo who lived a thousand years ago.
     The question that always bothered anyone is when will the round end times kolobendu it? According to the King of the Kediri kingdom that, "In the era of kalabendu, human Archipelago will be safe if it always introspective and occasionally do not underestimate the people who defend the truth like a man-god." While the exact time to the early arrival of the kalasuba and the end of kolobendu era different is the process in their respective fields.

Iki dalan kanggo sing eling lan waspada
ing jaman kalabendu Jawa
aja nglarang dalem ngleluri wong apengawak dewa

Kolobendu could mean the era that is antithetical theses entering the next phase of the cycle, the antithesis or the fight or battle in every way, so that means the era of era kolobendu fight in every field, the battle between nations, military power rivalry, the battle of science and philosophy, cultural battle, battle economic, ideological battles, religious strife, a battle of social classes, competition mode, and so on. Soon after the passage of time or era antithesis kolobendu will enter the era of era of perfection or synthesis is called by the King Joyoboyo as kolosubo or kalasuba era.
     Era of excellence in environmental problem that could be described soon after the oil runs out and environmentally friendly fuel found the human race, thus achieving zero pollution world. Also in the industrial sector found materials-friendly environment, to nuclear waste management successfully managed properly. And so on, also in other fields to reach perfection.
    It makes perfectly natural now in the archipelago occurred which broke down badly when he entered the end times kolobendu. Archipelago is the center or punjer or pancer world where all events in the universe of human earth begins and ends, as well as other things are always triggered from this place.
Colonialism began flown by white people in the fifteenth century because it was triggered to hunt down the spice that comes from the archipelago directly from the source. At the beginning of the third millennium of Islamic fundamentalist terrorism and the hunt for extremists who planned the United States since the twin building in the heart of America also torn down in 2001 because of the archipelago is the largest Muslim population in the universe.
Nusantara led by Prime Minister Amir Sjarifoeddin socialist-communist in the early days of independence also trigger the United States entered the black mud of defeat in war East Asia: the Korean War, Vietnam War / Indochina to eliminate the socialist-communist country.
      Archipelago and China are like two sides of the coin of the world face from the past. Roman-greek culture has never triumphed in the ocean compared to the Majapahit and China. If Roman and Islamic reign victorious in the ocean then they have mastered the world without any hindrance.

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