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Pramoedya Ananta Toer "Fugitive"

Pramoedya Ananta Toer "Fugitive"

Writing for him was not just typing and move the imagination. Far more serious than that, for Pramoedya's writing has seemed to become religious. It is precisely through this Fugitive, Pramoedya has admitted for the first time in the supernatural appreciation career as an author. That's the mystical experience of the first, but then it be a single entity ingrained appreciation to the entire body and soul, with the attitude and enthusiasm on tap time he wrote his books after that follow. He lived to write, and write to live. We understood that people are aware now feel blessed divine mandate as it can not be arrested for writing -- whatever happened to him: to write the road continues, as we all need to breathe. Indonesian scientists and literary critic A. Teeuw wrote in 'Pramoedya Ananta Toer -- De Verbeelding van Indonesie', that "... for Pramoedya's writing is struggling for humanity an ability to look into the existence of life values (and this is above all a national ideology or politics!) .. . While still on the island of Buru Pramoedya, Prof. Teeuw also wrote (1979): "... in spite of anything to say about it, Pramoedya remains a writer who is only one born in a generation, even one in a century ...."
      Welcoming the Independence Day August 17, 1994, Hasta Mitra republish classic works of Pramoedya Ananta Toer, a novel that has been delivered directly upright side by side with the writers of the world, not only because hunting accident story is closely related to that historic day, mainly because we feel this time we celebrate Independence Day in an atmosphere of openness is more behind, more advanced and more comfortable. Yeah, right?
      Openness is not just something to do with freedom and certain concessions; more than that openness is a social condition -- a state of mind. Implement and enforce openness in society is closely linked to the birth of new social products, the birth ratio and the new paradigm, new insights into the rational and healthy, leaving all the closure and lack of maturity that is not healthy.
      Hopefully the reader can share in the offering of Hasta Mitra: a pearl of the brightest, as we both celebrate our National Day of Independence.
Joesoef Isak, ed.
Jakarta, August 17, 1994


Pramoedya Ananta Toer Complete

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