The distributor -- an honest young man -- even stay one night at Bojonggede

Jan, 12, 2003

A few minutes ago I have Umar on the phone. Thanks God, his hands and legs are alright, that means that his brain too is alright, no damage whatever. But his command of speech is not normal -- it was not too bad like ant Molly -- because he is quite able to communicate but very slowly  and still with many distorted words.
      Very surprising, sick as he is, he  needed to asked me about my relation with Pramoedya. It seems that not only OH knows the whole "affair", but also my friends in Europe, and even John R. too as you've mentioned in your email.
      Strange, because I have never discuss the case with anybody, not even with my family.
     As I have told you several times before, I keep  quiet, do not take any initiative -- I fully leave it to Pramoedya himself to be a gentleman or otherwise. Because by now he must know everything about the whole case, since the distributor himself of Prams books visited the author two days ago to pay in  the royalties directly to the author.
      The  distributor -- an honest young man -- even stay one night at Bojonggede,  Pram's bungalow because it was too late for him to go back to Yogya.
      I have told my best friend Umar, do not worried, do not bother himself with this very beneath all dignity affair.
      Truth will do its job, with or without Pramoedya, Joesoef and Hasta Mitra will proceed as usual..

Joesoef Isak
Subowo bin Sukaris
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