Hasta Mitra's internal conflict vs Jalasutra's internal conflict

Hasta Mitra's internal conflict vs Jalasutra's internal conflict

Mbah Syubali

Yogya, 2002
Pramoedya Ananta Toer and family travel to Yogya to obtain evidence of the truth of one's report (Mu) -- which was later known is the person in the company AMM -- that there is a book title PAT that was hijacked by the distributors themselves. Pram fact became known that it was indeed one of the titles Pram has been hijacked by the lisensors themselves. Lisensor fancy word than distributors book Pram in Yogya was led by AMM. AMM has indeed been given full trust by Hasta Mitra publishers to print, and distribute the book PAT. And between Hasta Mitra with distributors AD occurs two-way relationship or partnership that is Joesoef Isak representing Hasta Mitra and AMM represents Adipura. AMM behind Adipura next day stopped managing its own set Jalasutra publishers. Chairman Hasta Mitra Joesoef Isak as a trusted publisher by Pramoedya has published most of the book next PAT to transfer the right to print and distribute the work of PAT as well as distribute. Agreement between Hasta Mitra and Adipura lasted for approval of Pramoedya Ananta Toer itself (an sich)!
     What is the basic core command Joesoef Isak given to AMM in the matter of distributing the book PAT? Joesoef said, "The cooperation we are political cooperation. To prepare the business side of a 17.5% direct royalties once completed a book printed of all titles except for the PAT without my further leave to which entitled the Pramoedya Ananta Tur oplag amounts that have been approved . For other calculations please make plans and details of its own."
     The arrival of "sidak" in place of his book is maintained by AMM in Yogya are excited later, Pramoedya and the family did find irregularities in the treatment of his work, and feel angry. Then it also directly  PAT and family immediate interrogate AMM, asking questioned the occurrence of irregularities. In destitute circumstances AMM dodged and pretension, then said, "Yes, about printing out the calculated amount of the royalties is indeed illegal but all at the behest of Mr. Joesoef Isak."
     Behind-day AMM is highly trusted by Hasta Mitra / Joesoef Isak was trying to fix an oversight or mistake directly in front of PAT and also Joesoef Isak, he would come and admit honestly in the face of Pramoedya and family that he was making mistakes in the form of bubbles mold and provide information one of the royalty payments. 
      On another occasion asserted before the next AMM ranks Hasta Mitra or Joesoef Isak who is most harmed by the case that he (AMM) while explaining apologize and admit he had previously apologized to the PAT. On that occasion the AMM acknowledges that the reason he made a mistake which, among others, the various titles of printed books are still piled up in warehouses previously not been sold. He did not intend to deceive about the royalty payments but the fact he still will pay royalties at the time of financial loose. Or in recent days after a book title 'illegal' (K) was sold out. 
     In essence in the case of AMM under pressure and are facing financial difficulties are temporary (awaiting results of the PAT book sales are still in storage). And on occasion it met Joesoef A said, "PAT has been agreed and are willing to accept the installment system for all debts of my royalties." 
     Chronological events of the past AMM have forgiven mistakes that Pramoedya, by itself Hasta Mitra / Joesoef Isak free of all charges such as: ordering piracy of books by the PAT and embezzlement or royalty is the right of the PAT. 
     It turned out later on between Hasta Mitra / Joesoef Isak and Pramoedya Ananta Toer relationship is no longer normal. Never even finished until both died. And a variety of media crews and gossip writer trying to dig up gossip from the nearest source of PAT itself. The accusation was not based on evidence addressed to Joesoef Isak for the same problem, and also other issues that have nothing to do with books. As has happened in Yogya in 2002 the families of Pram and straightforwardly without directly speaking in front of the local press that Joesoef Isak had ordered piracy and so forth. And slander against the Joesoef Isak suddenly reappeared in the media after Joesoef death, among others, in the weekly "Tempo" and the book "Pram Melawan". Whether the source of defamatory or untrue, which clearly Joesoef and Pram is dead and is now self-published books Pramoedya by one daughter Pram with the flag of the Lentera D. The article "Memilih Berpisah" in the "Tempo" does not expressly mention the party as the news source. In the book "Pram Melawan" one of his sources is Astuti Ananta Toer.
       Everyone understand that Hasta Mitra is the publisher of a recalcitrant and stubborn, did not heed the repressive New Order regime or government prohibition to no longer publish books and other books Pramoedya. It is not surprising reaction to the various allegations Hasta Mitra's tilted just kept silent and would not defend himself. Why? According Joesoef Isak, "I think Pramoedya forever remain as friends and support in one of politics."
       Hasta Mitra who commandeered Joesoef Isak remained on good terms with AMM in order to print and distribute books other Hasta Mitra. The good relationship that lasted until Joesoef Isak died in July 2009.
Mbah Syubali

Subowo bin Sukaris
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