Great Service noted Suharto

Great Service noted Suharto

Indonesia newspapers were busy discussing the status of former President Suharto. There are still calling for Suharto to be tried -- forgiveness is the business behind after the first court decision is made, otherwise there is also calling for the trial of former President Suharto was completely stopped.
     President precipitate first decision problem, but the Attorney General and the High Court of South Jakarta barge take its own decision, totally ignoring the President's decision. The term "precipitate" apparently okay interpreted in all directions.
     Now let us look briefly outside Indonesia, look to the former Soviet Union and China-PRC to present-day. Communist countries have always faced difficulties to write their own history, especially if the leader dies and then comes the new leadership with new policies. In Russia today, Lenin and Stalin considered fart considered impurities that must be forgotten and thrown away. In China-PRC present-day, the people who are now starting to feel the prosperity and enjoy the freedom of worship as a leader Teng Hsiao Ping highly meritorious but do not waste their history, they still talk about Mao Tse Tung with a fixed sense of respect. At the mouth of the Chinese people sound wise assessment: Mao Tse Tung make mistakes, but he's immense service to the people of China and for China as a country. Mao Tse Tung errors mainly occur in the latter years of age, before the magnitude of his services are invaluable. They then by using a pragmatic balance between service and errors -- judge which one is heavier?
     In conclusion: Mao Tse Tung services is enormous, only 30% maximum error maybe even just 10% -- and what do the people and the Chinese government is to correct and fix errors that Mao Tse Tung. As a result of China and its people with gait present-day prosperity and economic development of the massive, still love and respect for Mao Tse Tung in addition to the Teng Hsiao Ping.

What about Suharto?

When assessing the current power structure, or more clear: the opinion of the officials and former officials (including active and retired generals), then the sound of them would say: be fair! Do not ever forget the great services Suharto! Implicitly, it is clearly intended to express greeting, "never mind do not bother anymore Soeharto who was old and sickly. He was once credited as the father of development, forgive him, and completely stop the trial against him! "
     The majority opinion's holding power in Indonesia is as above, then by itself we can already guess what the future continuation of the decision "precipitate" Suharto case. Instead we will never know the true voice of the people, for all mass-media, TV, radio and newspapers, in essence become the official voice channel, so that in itself sounds as though it is a "public opinion" dominant and should be considered legal in Indonesia. Besides the entire device and the state apparatus, executive, judicial, legislative and military leadership in the hands of the heirs of the dominant Suharto's New Order.

Absolutely services leader should not be forgotten! Let us now categories detailing the services of Pak Harto.

1. President General Suharto invaluable merits of his crush communism and the Communist Party to its roots and eventually also with the brilliantly to get rid of President Sukarno.
      Domestic anti-communist leader in its own world number one was, the United States with the paradigm MacCarthy, never succeeded in crushing communism as what is done by Suharto. In modern political history of mankind the world, there never was such a precedent by Suharto's brilliant achievement in completely destroyed following an ideology adherents physically. In the meantime, President Suharto's Indonesia proclaimed verbally remain independent and active politically neutral, but in essence is a camp with what is calling itself "The Free World".
2. Pak Harto is not only a brilliant military, but he is also a reliable politician who is able to optimize the momentum of vested interests which are always implicitly integrate succeeded him as the interests of the State, Nation and People of Indonesia. The most striking examples vividly: the despicable murder of General Achmad Yani cs be a great blessing that he optimally utilized; him with a resounding standing on top of dead heroes of the revolution was to reach the highest peak power while proclaiming the miracle rescue of Pancasila. As a military-politician, he also managed to secure and pave the way of any barrier that comes from the opponent or any of his own friends, such as, among other general Nasution,  general Ton Sudharsono, general Sarwo Edhi, general Hoegeng, and general Ali Sadikin.
3. Pak Harto is the "Father of Development" which managed to build Indonesia without using the money itself but mainly by debt from abroad. He was successful not only became President of the richest in the world throughout human history, but at the same time without sweat slam-bone is able to scratch the ground-water wealth of the Earth Indonesia to enrich all children and grandchildren, along with his supporters became millionaires and multi-millionaire dollar impromptu. At the peak of its economic achievements, the Pak Harto had inherited the debts that the people of Indonesia to pay it off.
4. Soeharto succeeded brilliantly resplendent intelligentsia Indonesia frame of mind control so as to homogenize the brain thought to always think they are fully in accordance with what he desired. The scholars are trained to receive a variety of engineering ideas as facts and truth, the art of hypocrisy trained in all areas of community activities, social-cultural-political-legal. Violations of law and human rights no matter how heavy, in the Soeharto era to become something that is constitutional, official and legal department.

Bung Karno once said, "you should never forget history!"

Yes, do not forget the services of Pak Harto!

Subowo bin Sukaris
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