Satrio Piningit the Book of Musarar Jayabaya

Satrio Piningit the Book of Musarar Jayabaya

mbah subowo bin sukaris

When Serat Darmogandul which is divide et impera political propaganda against adherents of Islam, idem dito the Book of Musarar Jayabaya is the same political propaganda against the adherents of the javanis or kejawen. The first was apparently carried out by the colonialists, and the latter obviously easily guessed by anyone ....! Islamization of the ancestors of Java is an honor for those who are entitled. Nothing wrong and legitimate King Joyoboyo considered secret adherents of Islamic teachings on the ocean of Hindu-Buddhist in the eleventh century AD. With Islamize King Joyoboyo, meaning there is right on his plot of land occupied in the Muslim paradise.
      That book of  Musarar Jayabaya is loaded with Islamic nuance. However, by its opponents who argue nonsense is a Sri Aji Joyoboyo Muslims. Legitimate think so. Regardless of whether or not and endless debate whether Joyoboyo a Muslim, it is necessary to know the mission rather than the Book of Musarar is pitting between the Javanis against the Santris. However not always have to contradict each other and fame among admirers Joyoboyo. Sometimes they can be together in the course of history, if for the sake of the security environment in their time of adjustment.
       In the illustrated Musarar King Joyoboyo received a guest from the Middle East country once a teacher of Islamic scholars who teach Islam in the form of a book, which if had been able to master the contents of the book is concerned can know future events, mentioned among others, after passing the exam the King Joyoboyo can know Nusantara kingdoms that will arise and sink were replaced by new ones. Besides, the Islamic scholars are predicting in the face directly concerned in the future later King Joyoboyo will perk three more times in the days of the kingdom of Kediri. So forth book of the Islamic Musarar.
       Nusantara kingdoms future can already be predicted by King Joyoboyo with the help of Islamic teachers who will be falling-up ranging from Kediri, Singosari, Pajajaran, Majapahit, Demak, Mataram, and so on until the Republic of Indonesia complete with the calculation of his reign. The most interesting is the emergence of Ratu Adil later after the chaos of living people of the archipelago after the period of the Republic of Indonesia disbanded. If the teachings of Islam, the Day of Judgement will come an Imam Mahdi, then in the opposite kejawen after goro-goro or chaos will come the Ratu Adil, which is sometimes popularly dubbed Satrio Piningit. Here is part of the book of poetry Dandanggula Musarar Jayabaya that intersect with the emergence Satrio Piningit is meant here in the future Ratu Adil.

    Dene besuk nuli ana
    Tekane kang Tunjung Putih
    Semune Pudhak kasungsang
    Bumi Mekah dennya lair
    Iku kang angratoni Jagad kabeh ingkang mengku
    Juluk Ratu Amisan Sirep musibating bumi
    Wong nakoda milu manjing ing samuwan

Later in the future after the chaos of the battle of the small kings of the archipelago (after a period of dissolution of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia back into its original small kingdom), there will be a leader Ratu Adil namely Tunjung Putih, it appears subtly in the beginning that is still a Satrio Piningit. He was born in the Land of Mecca (Muslims). He is the leader worldwide, dubbed the Queen of Amisan capable of dealing with the complexity of many people on earth. Everyone will be given an opportunity contributed to his opinion, including the captains or leaders of the folk people.


Subowo bin Sukaris
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