Divination Ronggowarsito "Satrio Lelono Tapa Ngrame"

Kiai Haji Abdurrahman Wahid (Gus Dur), the fourth President of the Republic of Indonesia is the fourth Satrio Piningit "Satrio Lelono Tapa Ngrame" than seven Satrio Piningit who later led the archipelago, as already foreseen in the eighteenth century by R. Ng. Ronggowarsito -- a poet of the last classical Javanese Keraton Surakarta Sultanate or a poet officially appointed by Kasunanan Surakarta.

Divination Ronggowarsito "Satrio Lelono Tapa Ngrame"

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 It is said that Gus Dur was elected President of thanks to the support of clandestine foreign intelligence services that the country's sixth of the island of Java. And supposedly Gusdur overthrown from his position because he has started to eradicate corruption (cq last Attorney General within one year of his reign) to anyone, indiscriminately, not even intend to bring to justice former President Suharto, his family, and cronies.
      It is worth noting that the Gus Dur on behalf of NU members apologized to the audience of leftists for involvement in the civil war in about 1965. Furthermore Gus Dur want to revoke the MPR 26 on the prohibition of the teachings of Marxism, and also intend to disperse a large party which was a pillar of the New Order. Political opponents and rival Gus Dur is very embarrassed and worried about all sorts of Gus Dur's words and actions during his tenure as the number one Indonesia. Gus Dur invited his friends from various circles, left, right, center, indigenous, non-natives and forth to the palace of the State, one of whom is a poet who was admired by Gus Dur ie Pramoedya Ananta Toer cs who consider themselves enemies of the New Order, because the Order Just had to suppress nearly all the books he wrote during the Buru Island prison camp. Leftists who are former political prisoners of the New Order regime that is not ordinary citizens, their second-class citizens subject to various restrictions to work in the education sector, mass media and state-owned enterprise vital.
     As a Satrio Lelono, Gus Dur in the next year holding the reins of leadership that has been taking the traveling, in addition to stay in touch with the heads of other countries, Gus Dur is also taking the time to meet with the exile, refugees, or citizens of the Republic of Indonesia who stuck overseas because revoked his right as a citizen of Indonesia by the New Order regime. Those who can not return to his beloved homeland spread across the continent of Europe, among others, in the Netherlands, France, Sweden, Germany, and others. In addition, there are many Indonesian citizens who can not go home are forced to live in Russia and the People's Republic of China. All political fugitives accused of Movement 30 September 1965 and / or does not support a lively General Soeharto as the number one place Bung Karno. Gus Dur had met them all and verbally invited to speak and invited them to return to their homeland. Some of the fugitives Indonesian politics has been getting asylum in the country of destination and through the next process they are entitled to a new citizenship, and for this group of course they enjoy all kinds of social security and health are abundant, and considering their advanced age, of course, worried if return to their homeland Indonesia, which has no health insurance as well as in European countries where they live now.
      Gus Dur as Satrio Tapa Ngrame is a graduate of the University of Baghdad's Islamic clerics, and become leaders of Indonesia's largest Islamic organization Nahdatul Ulama. He is also said to inherit the Majapahit dynasty and has a bit of Chinese blood. As in Bung Karno's speech on Islam, "Study the science of religion are to take his fire and not taking his ashes." So Bung Karno's speech is actually implemented by a Gus Dur is then transformed into a pluralist character, and was called the Teacher of the Nation, compared with Bung Karno, known as the Father of the Nation, Bapak Indonesia Merdeka, and Suharto who acquired the title Father of Development.
      As the teacher of the nation Satrio Tapa Ngrame and also a Mosqueman best Islam is a historical task for the KH Abdurrahman Wahid, who has been trying to teach people to teach high-minded and think no more uniform or free-thinking from the shackles of all New Order-style uniforms. Gus Dur is not a politician a phobia against Marxism ideology, saying as this, "Das Kapital is not containing the teachings of the devil ...!" when he participated as a keynote speaker at the launch of a book on the Marxist baboons in Indonesian translation.****

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