Divination Ronggowarsito "Satrio Boyong Pambukaning Gapuro"

Divination Ronggowarsito "Satrio Boyong Pambukaning Gapuro"

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Satrio Piningit sixth that would lead the archipelago has been predicted in the eighteenth century by Ronggowarsito call it is Satrio Boyong Pambukaning Gapuro, and he was the leader of the sixth president of Indonesia Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, known SBY. Satrio Boyong its meaning is the leader started from the bottom position for the sake of office moves upstairs to finally achieve success in the summit as the leader in the archipelago. The incident took place in 2004 in direct presidential election which was first performed by the people of Indonesia, and for them the best available choice among bad choices that exist, yes, SBY, when it was accompanied by vice presidential candidate, JK or Jusuf Kalla. People of the Satrio Boyong companion is a great party chairman who in the past won the general election six times in a row by a majority vote.
      SBY is a graduate of Career Academy next seventies in a military career with a very smooth until it became Assistant Chief of Territorial, during Suharto's rule, and continued during the reign of BJ Habibie.
      Furthermore, the career of the Satrio Boyong in the reign of Gus Dur, no longer holds office, but the military will occupy the position of a minister in the cabinet. So forth SBY still stable position in the era of Gus Dur's replacement just a year and continued by the government of Megawati Sukarnoputri former vice president Gus Dur. Megawati's position was finally finished in 2004, and there was a new system of direct presidential elections by the people for the first time in the history of the Republic of Indonesia. Megawati and SBY an advanced run fight fiercely, but eventually came out as winners SBY -- JK.  
      As Satrio Boyong Pambukaning Gapuro, successful SBY was elected for the second time, since the 100-day rule continue to experience difficult times: natural disasters come and go, foreign-backed media discordant voice, and above all the JK since left the carriage at the same time bring a large party past the opposition in a coalition. Now with the new deputy SBY still has one more task to open the gates of the future that is at once closed the past. Soviet collapse because facsimile; Suharto fell because of the Internet; SBY will experience the same as sms? Certainly the people of the electorate is expected to close the past, he will finish his term that is well and full-time. As the gate opener future so he gave full authority to the gate and the opportunity the chance to anyone who is able to come forward as the best leader for the Republic of Indonesia in its time. Then all sorts of distractions and obstacles during SBY rule, and also all kinds of accusations of fiction or fact good and bad that has been or is going be addressed to the government of SBY is a fabrication made ​​by those who consider themselves or their group is better than SBY. Regardless of whether or not the small and large cases that have been, or is happening would not be charged all to SBY. As the leader of Indonesia, SBY is once again the only choice of the best available among the poor. This means all persons and groups that exist minus SBY is not the best for the people and nation of Indonesia.
      Yudhoyono and his administration have been good to keep the gates of freedom of the press, freedom of politics both inside and outside the legislature. Meanwhile, a small example in economic issues, the purchasing power of most people, especially government officials and private sector has become a cause of rising prices of daily necessities have soared. In the Soeharto era, such things do not happen, because the civilian and military government employees their welfare level is not as good as SBY era, a prosperous family actually own Suharto and his cronies, while the private sector employee the same remains prosperous. In this condition, of course, for people who earn half fixed and the soaring price of purchasing power it had constructed their basic needs to be reduced even more unattainable. Who is to blame? SBY government policies or those who are wallowing in wealth becomes trilyader because it has been panning for gold aka corrupt in the era of New Order? While on the other side of the poor papa has existed since the New Order era, as well as unemployment is the son-grandson of the unemployed who lived in the same order.
      If it is necessary to mention shortages than SBY government is too slow the course of this Republic in upholding the banner of Trisakti Bung Karno, independent in the economy, independent in politics and personality in culture. And the course of our revolution (Jarek) Bung Karno term hiccup heavier just because so many obstacles occurred during the Indonesia United Cabinet two volumes of natural disasters, terror or fighters, or fight in the country between political parties and among groups and parties and even between religions. And even the most serious threat against the state ideology Pancasila and the grip the state emblem Unity antidote drug should be searched from the originators themselves, Bung Karno, who had left the precious legacy of the books of the Doctrine of Bung Karno. And the most sensitive issue and certainly many detractors as well as difficult to accept in its present condition contained in Bung Karno's teachings is on the issue of Marxism, communism whose value is also contained in Pancasila ideology itself. 

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