Divination Joyoboyo Extra-Terrestrial Invasion forces on Planet Earth

Divination Joyoboyo Extra-Terrestrial Invasion forces on Planet Earth

mbah subowo bin sukaris

Small Planet Earth has a special role as balancing the natural order of the universe. Why? Because of the earth there are intelligent beings compatriots, namely humans, or homo sapiens. Intelligent creatures who have high intelligence this has the nature of doing good as well as crimes against the planet itself. With the technology that they conquered the atom, as well as new technologies are more environmentally friendly then they will be able to change the size of celestial bodies until a few square kilometers of the planet become unsuitable for habitation and further deplete the mineral wealth of important and valuable if it was brought to earth.
      As far as science is so far successfully mastered and is being studied by scientists from various disciplines, that there is no evidence whatsoever to support the direction the discovery of Earth's twin planet, and also other intelligent person in the universe. Are they? The question was more difficult to answer in this modern era, because of the tight academic disciplines in science and technology, as well as in philosophy.
      Here is a poem by Sri Aji nuanced prediction Joyoboyo from the eleventh century AD, which recounts the arrival of a fleet of foreign troops ET (extra-terrestrial) from outer space which is quite large and is estimated using a technology that utilizes a comet that has been engineered as an aircraft carrier for a ride their planes. Their goal is expected to restore the position of planet earth humans that are important to balance the universe. Perhaps their arrival it was happening when terrible mess in the earth in the form of large-scale natural disasters due to human activity alone for hundreds of years that directly or indirectly in the end lead to global warming planet Earth.

sadurunge ana tetenger lintang kemukus lawa
ngalu-ngalu tumanja ana kidul wetan bener
lawase pitung bengi,
parak esuk bener ilange
bethara surya njumedhul

.... It is said that the arrival of the god-bodied man on the planet Earth someday it has to do and / or marked with a big line movement "lintang kemukus" for seven days and seven nights came from the South Equator toward the East. Despite the fact they kept moving relentless course in the morning when the sun came up on he drowned in the evening, which kept moving celestial body that would not appear from the earth's surface.

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