Divination Joyoboyo "a broken promise party"

Divination Joyoboyo "a broken promise party"
mbah subowo bin sukaris

Fatal error made ​​by the leftist socialists, communists, democrats and democracy in the archipelago is on the cabinet Amir Syarifoeddin circa 1947-48 that restores the mandate of Parliamentary power to lead the first cabinet since independence to President Sukarno. It happened due to the Renville Agreement (named U.S. warship) is no longer supported by the Party Masjoemi. Masjoemi or Masjumi Renville originally supported then opposed the agreement and pioneered a vote of no confidence to the Cabinet Amir Sjarifoeddin derived from the Socialist Party.
     Amir Sjarifoeddin the Prime Minister who felt emotional on the attitude of one party's coalition with the emotional surrender power without a second thought anymore, so consequently he later became scapegoats as the party leader left / socialist who is hated by the United States. Communist Party leader Amir and ten were killed by the rulers who succeeded him. Substitute Cabinet Amir S. Mohammad Hatta cabinet is anti-communist, so fully supported by Islamic party and other smaller parties. The left should be removed from the cabinet Hatta road ReRa various engineering, among others, and also menghijrahkan Siliwangi right strength to the base area of Central Java and East Java.
      Joyoboyo prophecies about ratu ora netepi janji is a party that does not keep their promises. The ruling party and opposition parties in the order of this reform act was always reneged on his promise, whatever was said during the campaign was always his promise was never kept. That character anyone who came to power, whether he was a militant activist and defender of the oppressed if it has entered the circle of power he will not dare to defend the oppressed people. Why? "It was just a matter of the stomach," said Pramoedya Ananta Toer, who also make the law as follows: "Anyone who has successfully swept to power or even to become government officials, then do not expect he will fight for the oppressed!"
      Therefore the ruling party during the New Order will never again be trusted by the people. Because later on, despite feeling a new party, the party turned out to different behavior still glorify the fascist New Order and the authoritarian ruling party leader as well as elsewhere in the world: Hosni Mubarak, Gaddafi, Pinochet, Marcos, and so on so that after in power for decades in a row finally overthrown by the people, although it is coupled with the intervention of a superpower that deploy military forces and intelligence.
      Here is a temple of Sri Aji Joyoboyo hitherto known as a powerful shaman comes from the kingdom of Kediri in power nearly two-thirds of the archipelago covers the eleventh century AD:
ratu ora netepi janji
musna kuwasa lan prabawane
akeh omah ndhuwur kuda
wong padha mangan wong
kayu gligan lan wesi hiya padha doyan
dirasa enak kaya roti bolu
yen wengi padha ora bisa turu

A future prospective leaders / representatives of the people make promises to the people while campaigning, but once elected leaders / representatives of the people reneged on a promise. They were later discredited by the people, then would lose the position and authority. Later there will be a skyscraper at the ground floor is made ​​without a horse carriage parked car alias. Humans consist of class exploiters and the exploited class. Those who are in the position of the vacuum can benefit their business rather than processing iron into luxury goods, and also logs into high value goods / furniture. They enjoyed the high profits from these businesses cakes taste delicious. But the man who was always so busy thinking about how to profit even more so working late into the night and difficult to sleep.

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