Soekarno victims of cold war

Soekarno victims of cold war

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Socialist country that is now left mostly in the eastern coastline of Asia consecutive Democratic People's Republic of Korea, People's Republic of China, the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. General MacArthur was the commander of U.S. troops as a tactical commander of UN forces determined to destroy all the entrenched socialist country in the Asian continent. General MacArthur thought the communist threat in Europe can be resolved by eliminating the communist countries.
       In the 1950s the MacArthur who became ruler of the Japanese protectorate in a higher position than the Japanese emperor as the general commander of the Allies winning the Second World War that had recently. As a representative of the United States he came to power received letters from a foreign ambassador based in Japan.
       MacArthur was also a "commander of UN troops" who tried to expand the battlefield in Korea until past the border of the People's Republic of China on the Yalu river.
       U.S. troops and Western countries who joined as a multinational force that would destroy the military power and the country the Democratic People's Republic of Korea or North Korea off the map. Incursions by troops "UN" had been successfully pushed through a line 38 degrees and achieve the country's capital Pyongyang courageous Ginseng is survived by persevering in the snow.
       While this Zhedong Mao, Zhou Enlai, Zhu De and others led the Red Army of China began to hold a meeting to decide help or not help the neighboring countries that are stricken by it. Chinese leaders and the final decision is to help neighbors who are affected invaded by foreign troops led the United States.
       Zhu De one of the Chinese Red Army commanders were sent to lead the Chinese troops who called the Chinese volunteers across the border and into North Korean territory. The famous Red Army troops disciplined and obedient leader was wearing a white uniform and white to disguise in the snow before the month of December.
       Chinese volunteers used weapons and North Korean troops are tricks and ingenuity in the fight against modern weapons and bombs the troops "United Nations" so that foreign troops successfully repulsed the enemy's line was 38 degrees and took refuge in the line of 37 degrees.
       About 200,000 Chinese communist troops that had entered the region to continue its attacks until the enemy defenses in the line of 37 degrees. Because of logistics that are too far away then eventually undo themselves fighting further. Dark forces that secretly helping neighbor that was after making sure the North Korean forces to consolidate themselves then withdrew from the territory of Korea back to the region itself.
       MacArthur who know China sent troops had secretly tried to storm the border to provoke China hit back so that the war expanded again. China only send Mig without trying to send a massive army troops.
       The failure of MacArthur in Korea resulted in the general field was also sacked as commander of U.S. forces. MacArthur often act alone, without consulting Washington. New General was sent to Korea, but its quality was not as good as the MacArthur and eventually North Korea can survive until today. 

(Source: Suar Suroso, Bung Karno Korban Perang Dingin, Hasta Mitra, Jakarta 2008).
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