Mohammand Hoesni Thamrin figure Betawi

Mohammand Hoesni Thamrin figure Betawi

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Around the 1930's the friendship of two Indonesian nationalist leaders Sukarno and MH Thamrin coloring the political world top class. When Bung Karno was imprisoned in Sukamiskin, Bandung, this one friend who helped him in any way, to visit, providing the necessities of life and encouragement.
      Thamrin a bloody English is indeed a figure who did not hesitate to put out his hand for anyone who needs a little help from it. Until finally one day the Government of the Netherlands East Indies who do not like the actions of MH Thamrin started watching him and restrict its activities in the political world. Dutch colonial government rather careful handling of this one character, though obviously Thamrin relationships with various nationalist leaders be devastating for the Dutch forces who itch to subdue him and put him in or throw it out the island of Java. Dutch not to do that because Thamrin who know themselves in the Dutch colonial intelligence oversight sought to limit its activities and trying to be cautious in establishing relationships with other nationalist leaders.
      Generosity, and political courage to defend the homeland follows the struggle of the nationalists, defending the interests of indigenous people, and defend the Bung Karno overtly draw much sympathy from people in general as a figure who deserves to be remembered throughout the ages. These figures unfortunately did not last long due to the pressure continued to watch him all the Dutch who are restricted motion is indirectly make Thamrin under pressure. He died before the Japanese master the archipelago, and not to feel the proclamation of August 17, 1945. Thamrin if living up to Indonesia's independence and its aftermath can be a companion Bung Karno respected by all the nationalist hero and history would be different than it is today.
      One of the relatives of MH Thamrin is Maemunah Thamrin, the famous poets in the archipelago Pramoedya Ananta Toer's second wife.
      "I once saw a woman as beautiful as her," said Pramoedya Ananta Toer in his heart when visiting an exhibition of books which are guarded by Maemunah Thamrin. Their relationship also continues to pursue ark married and they were blessed with more than five children.

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