"G30S History of the darkened" - Two Legacy of Suharto

"G30S History of the darkened" - Two Legacy of Suharto

Joesoef Isak

 G30S 1965! -- Who are the brain planner? Who are finished executing? Who was behind the overthrow of Sukarno and the destruction of the PKI? How did the massacre happen in 1965? How many victims? How do background and sit-in fact about the incident?
      The answer must be true, may-be will never appear or at least will still dim for quite a long time. Version closest to sit about the actual likely to emerge gradually bit by bit like water seepage, exit drop wise.
We note here a few reasons why:
-- First of all not just one party to be an actor in the event G30S intellectuals. A big conspiracy seems to have been planned and is already running long by several parties - the CIA, Army, PKI, the British secret service, the KGB, the secret services China, each with its own scenario of overlapping runs along-line and detonated together in the same time, while we have not been able to answer completely the scenario where the dominant providers the direction and control holder.
-- For 35 years it is hard to obtain authentic documents that record the events of G30S was ongoing at the time of the incident -- including the prologue would also epilogue.
For many important events can not even get the evidence to confirm it, especially the written documents from parties who are victims or who loses.
-- Only now revealed important facts after the United States State Department last year officially opened to the public with authentic documents that popular intelligence called the "CIA DOCUMENT", it was still not released any information to the public. And we all know that the British intelligence documents to this day still remains closed, although of course that we hope will be able to close the leisure that is still wide open in the seat in a more objective historical writing.
-- The parties directly involved in intentionally or forcibly silenced silencing targets a victim. Category parties who caused the victim is, in fact loved the moral argument for the past forgotten just order not to open old wounds -- so consciously does not eliminate the history.
-- Various studies have pretensions of social science experts neutral, but too obvious that they are not always free from "political color". The tendency in this group is not to track the truth but rather to justify the hypothesis that a reference.
-- The history experts who claim to find the truth with a scientific reason has fulfilled the terms of the method of writing history, have done cross-check and so on, they were actually in the end is highly dependent on information and data sources other parties which in turn is also not always be trusted fully, controversial one another and anyway the important data needed never quite sufficient to cover the spare is still blank. Experts are also vulnerable to the color of history-political, though as if trying to cover it.
-- Quite a few outstanding "story" which is actually a bouquet after the event occurs, the stories of post-factum, justifications after the facts -- "achterafpraat" Dutch word, fiction may well be described as fact. The oral-history recording requires a very fine sieve when listening to the stories most of whom come from engineering contaminated sensitive memory.
-- One more thing needs to be added here as an active factor that contributed to the confusion and obfuscation about the events of history writing G30S. Various studies by experts, journalists came to the lay too much trust in references, proud to refer to the names of certain people to legitimize its description, because that's how the presentation of apparently considered "scientific." Source-reference but not for more than an invention, but chewed, was cited and citing quoted again. Cite as it runs for years to the extent believed to be the truth; eventually no longer feel the need to question the origin of the actual source-nonsense reference.
      In other countries there is a journalist received the title of scientists, he obtained his PhD with a dissertation of original at all - other than another - because he can answer what the cause of the incident G30S. Apparently according to the journalist-scientist: rather than PKI, not the Army, not the CIA, but Sukarno ringleader G30S. The most authentic source-reference for the new scientist turned out to be none other than the result of an interrogation product of the New Order regime in the early months after September 1965. Concerned himself is an officer powerless nothing then heavy mental burden on the rest of his life because of age "testimony" that he never speak of "demand" interrogators. As a lover of Bung Karno, before he died with a short and lazy he can only say to the writer: "Please, do not extend longer necessary; interrogator wants it so!"
      Beads as described above was a thick fog that blanketed the writing of history G30S event. Confident on the principles of democracy, we fully recognize its right to write and express opinions freely, including the most inconsequential opinion though. All papers and studies back its responsibilities in their respective copyright holders, also returned to the reader how to respond -- to swallow them raw, critical filter picky sort, or throw things in the reading into the trash. But one thing here in our firm, all the analysis about the events during the G30S without seeing the reality - that the Cold War (read Soebadio Sastrosatomo, 1995) -- we assume a priori contain serious shortcomings, had a very low value if not to say corrupt the facts. For coolness War be the deciding factor and take the dominant role of Indonesia sudden change runs the other way. In 1965 the circuit through which not only changed the political configuration of Indonesia as a fundamental, but also has changed the world political stage.
After publishing the book "CIA DOCUMENT" we are now launching a book compiled by Harsutejo entitled 'G30S - History of the darkened ". This book does not presume as a result of research or a scientific discourse, the author humbly refers to himself as a composer. Description is summarized in a compilation of dozens of literary sources and interviews related to the event G30S -- look at the list of literature that he used at the end of this book. Craft read and extraordinary perseverance has produced a book-reading -- reading-book or "leesboek" -- with a smooth narrative and readable, despite its raw materials is very complex with various versions and various angles of view. This book does not want to be a text book (book-learning) which have the intention "straighten out history", but if the reader feels to be more understanding of the intricate G30S event that after reading the informative materials through this publication, the birth of this book can considered successful. This indeed is a book-reading public, a positive consumption for all segments of society. By itself this does not necessarily mean that the Hasta Mitra approve, confirm or refute what was described by the authors, for authors and readers of the manuscript is in the free writing and free speech which we both respect. But here we want to emphasize, that we appreciate and agree that in the cultivation of attitudes constituent material does not remain neutral -- he is impartial!
      Hasta Mitra who were targeted during the Soeharto regime in power, need to explain here that we are open for all versions of the write and express opinions about events G30S, content descriptions may be very good, maybe just half-good, or any nonsense at all. Go ahead -- is fine, because we assume that versions of-background was triggered either good intentions, either did not know / ignorance, stupidity either. But we clearly and publicly stated a priori version of Suharto can not we receive, we can not tolerate. We can not accept engineering as fact. We reject absolute lies as truth! For all of that is rubbish, a lie is engineered with advanced so that it becomes a complete and comprehensive system imposed by force during the Soeharto regime power. G30S version of New Order's official narrative about the only one who mastered the social-political life of Indonesia for 30 years -- meaning: the official version of the doubt ruling means that anti-Pancasila and anti-Suharto.
      Already since the first day throughout the 32 years he was in power, Suharto set out to lie. The generals who were killed, that should be very honored and remembered by all solemnly, with adroit he used to be the most effective excuse to climb onto the throne of power. He engineered the story spread through the entire newspaper that impromptu so supporters of Suharto about Gerwani women who danced naked body of generals slashed with razor blades. Too clearly it is a lie authentic. Is that the way in honor of the generals who fall? Is not it degrading even the generals who should be respected? He announced October 1 as the Day of Pancasila supernatural powers - again a distinctive style of political adultery Suharto used the death of the generals and the Pancasila to legitimize his leadership. We need to remind here a question: What do Suharto on October 1, 1965 when the colonel Latif him tell you about the movement of young officers who will move ahead of the Armed Forces Day October 5, 1965?
      Is not it Soeharto who betrayed the Pancasila, and the generals Saptamarga betray her own colleagues by letting all the movements that take place? We all just found out recently after the plan of conspiracy exploded -- apparently cabbage information. Latif was associated with the Lieutenant Colonel Untung Syamsuri movement against the generals Yani cs --, but what is done Suharto, who already knew a few days before the incident took place? Prevent it? He reported to superiors about the information he received from cabbage. Latif?
      The story of Suharto and the regime continued its power is a story-about lies, betrayal and greed. The death of the generals supporting President Sukarno became the vehicle to the terminal early departure to the summit of power. Following terminals are twisting the meaning Supersemar, manipulating the composition of "Assembly", then a "constitutional" betrayed Sukarno. All done while massacred and thrown hundreds of thousands of people who are not one mind with him into the prison, including Sukarno. And now stay longer to ensure Golkar won an absolute majority in every election to ensure the stability of his rule. It's usual dirty work, Suharto proficient and public deception was routinely organize a massive scale in a valid and constitutional.
       In engineering the lie becomes the truth to the affair the course of history, Suharto is fully supported by scientists, officials and generals, politicians in political parties and politicians in the parliament, businessmen and all the machine-like indoctrination P4/P7, educational institutions starting from elementary to universities, as well as all judicial officers of the judiciary and prosecutors. The following reporters throughout the newspaper and electronic media without exception all the help. All the supporters and the cheerleaders who hail Suharto does not work in vain, for they open a golden opportunity to rise in rank and gain position "wet" in government, military or state-owned. All employers Suharto supporters were gait business. Billions and trillions of dollars began to flow into private pockets. Thus was born a new layer of society, a new elite, supporters of the ruling elite following his impromptu affluent, prosperous glitter, the wealthy do not be helped. That is revered as the father of successful economic development that glorious Soeharto.
      We always argue that the crime, deceit, greed can be time consuming, but not perhaps for ever. In 1998 Suharto's history ended, but the entire people of Indonesia now bear the burden of trillions of rupiah that until this moment still exist in pockets of the Suharto family and its cheerleaders. What should be regrettable, we do not always realize that Suharto stepped down just as a person alone, while all the software and hardware power remains intact and continues to function. There are two serious Suharto legacy we ignore, when two plays that determine the legacy that makes us in this reform era stagger.
      Want to eradicate corruption of Suharto's New Order? We certainly agree with you, but the strength of the reform is too often forget that the more severe, more malicious, more serious than the corruption is not only deplete the earth's wealth and corrupt Indonesian homeland, but draining and damaging the nation HR, human resources, youth people of Indonesia. Which drained and corrupted during the thirty years is the nation's intellectual resources, our intelligence. Especially our politicians up to now become accustomed and trained sophisticated engineering, considers abstractions as fact, lies as truth. As a legacy left by Soeharto, our intelligentsia in the reform era until now still vulnerable to the construction of ambiguous thinking. Suharto and the whole machine kekuasaanmya -- Golkar as his political vehicle -- a systematic and effective conduct of uniformity think alias twit. So it's not just the monetary crisis we face, but especially the intellectual crisis! That is what we refer to as more severe than the "KKN", even worse than the massacre. That's the first of the two heritage legacy of Suharto, who we think is serious and very dangerous, but too ignored.
       In addition, because it is too focused on "service learning" and would bring Soeharto to court (by the way if it works? - ed.), we also forgot the second legacy of Suharto. General militarist with his New Order regime, not only damage the frame of mind, intelligence and our politicians but also ordinary people with severe infection, a segment of society that are more likely to use emotional conviction rather than ratios. Manifestations are: the birth of fanaticism on society groups, which in turn entailed the conduct of terrorism. Ambiguity and corrupt our politicians think the structure and terror now rampant in our homeland, is the legacy of the Soeharto regime two products! Unfortunately we were too lightly regarded Suharto's political apparatus was potentially dangerous, such as Golkar, which was still welcome to play a major role in the reform era, when we want to build a new Indonesia.
       We sin if we forget the weight of all that, we sinned against the generals who fell, in hundreds and thousands of souls who drift over the period of Soeharto's rule if we did not completely repair the heavy damage. Here we wish to emphasize that we can not and do not want to constantly blame Suharto had stepped down, but we actually find fault with it on ourselves -- the power which is now perched on behalf of the Reformation.
      What has made reforms to clean up two rows of garbage that Suharto's legacy? How to fight it when the existence of two Suharto's legacy was just unconscious, not able to detect and therefore there is no agenda in the work of reforming society to build Indonesia's New? And therein lies the root-problem of confusion of thinking and terror violence in the current reform era.
      We remember the 11 September disaster warning last week on the scene in New York. As is known, the previous year in one day building a magnificent twin towers collapsed, three thousand people were killed -- a large banner stretched across the scene: "WE WILL NEVER Forget."
     Surely even more of Indonesia, the disaster happened one day but not 30 years old, not thousands but millions of victims killed and suffering in the prisons. We also said, "We Will never forget," instead we add: "We Will never forgive," because we are experiencing not just a loss of spirit and matter of reason but rather a very severe crisis.
      Americans are now led by George Bush will never forget the tragedy of September 11, he then replied to violence with violence, he responded with outrage, with the formal apparatus of terror by the state. We also will never forget and forgive the accident 30 September 1965, but differs with Bush we will not revenge, it will not reply to barbarism with barbarism. Indeed we also have a sense of revenge, but revenge is not to launch an uncivilized act, but revenge to prevent manipulation of natural reasoning our intelligence, to prevent violence sadism bleeding, prevent manipulation lies become truth, prevent the completion of all products barbaric regime of Suharto. We consciously admit it: we have not managed to remove the illegitimate product of two of Suharto's legacy.
      For that unfortunate G30S will always we commemorated. Books that we publish is just one contribution in handling the enormous task that lies before us.

Jakarta, September 2002

Subowo bin Sukaris
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