Pramoedya Ananta Toer "Mangir"

Pramoedya Ananta Toer "Mangir"

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Ki Ageng Mangir Wanabaya have powerful spear Baruklinting to resist the invasion of Mataram led Sutowijoyo aka Panembahan Senopati. Sutowijoyo establish for the first time the Islamic Mataram kingdom. Sutowijoyo or Panembahan Senopati in 1575 managed to subdue most of Central Java and East Java in part, except for one area, a distance of a day trip Mangir ox cart. Mangir since the days before Panembahan Senopati ruling becomes tax-free areas because of the services soldiers of the Majapahit, Mangir highly appreciated by the rulers of Majapahit to make Mangir as an autonomous region.
      Princess Pembayun Panembahan Senopati beautiful princess fell down directly to penetrate defenses Mangir a super tight. The king also is initially concerned with the safety Pembayun daughter of persuasion ultimately Ki Ageng Pamanahan to approve the plan.
      Princess Pembayun prepare themselves to train hard to become a dancer who lives around the move. With coiled travel distance Mataram and Mangir they traveled almost a month to remove traces troupe of dancers accompanied by gamelan.
      Pembayun a beautiful princess in short-beautiful and shapely is successful and able to ensnare the heart Ki Ageng Mangir a very young age. Mangir troop leaders are very experienced in the battle field for Ki Ageng Mangir warned not to continue his intentions out of the region Mangir to follow Princess Pembayun because of the danger of Mataram was always threatening him.
      Ki Ageng Mangir who knew that the Princess Pembayun, is a princess Panembahan Senopati own, but other Mangir army chief did not know about it. By relying on the spear Baruklinting then went Ki Ageng Mangir was alone to the center of Mataram to meet the Panembahan.
      Ki Ageng Mangir brought spear Baruklinting must remain upright during the journey taken.
      Secret spear Baruklinting already in the hands of Mataram.
      Since the front gates of the palace of Mataram was arranged so that the longer the lower course. Spear Baruklinting which stemmed a two-meter that was continuously cropped to finally drop the spear shaft.
      Finally arrived in the presence of Ki Ageng Mangir the Panembahan Senopati who greeted him kindly.
      "Come young, come here, thanks to you," said the king.
      Ki Ageng Mangir approached the throne and bowed their heads squat.
      Suddenly a flash Senopati Panembahan raised his head and smashing it into a throne made of stone until the head was broken.
      We have a strange tomb, tomb half in the complex and in half again are beyond the fence in the cemetery of the kings in the area of Yogyakarta. It is said that the tomb was concerned only get half the recognition as a member of the family of the kings of Mataram.

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