Pramoedya Ananta Toer "Corruption"

Pramoedya Ananta Toer "Corruption"

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Corruption is a disease of the same society with other community disease that is prostitution. Both continue to exist from time to time and can not be eliminated as long as there is human society that continues to grow and experience the most rapid progress in this twenty-first century.
      A tobacco company's biggest corruption on tobacco companies that sold by a production manager who has high income. Similarly, in a country where corruption is most prone to occur at the taxes agency. Port tax, airport tax, and cigarette tax and also in the services sector, motor vehicle tax services, court services or mob justice, including in the police agency that authorities arrested ranging from cockfight gamblers, gambling toggle, until the chicken thief and the other thief even greater.
      In Chinese people's republic whose culture is very old crime that the punishment imposed on criminals are also very heavy: the penalty by firing squad. Meanwhile in this archipelago country of a similar drug shabu factory owners at most a few decades his penalty. Similarly, for the corrupt "big fish" who could guess the punishment is not as heavy as the largest communist country in the world. Why is the Chinese people decided to give it heavy penalties for criminals? Is it such a severe situation there?
       The doctrine of the Chinese Communist Party and flexible to keep pace with advances in technology also advances the public is certainly willing to enforce party discipline one of the important pillars of the moral problems Party members. Corruption is associated with about morality, faith, and ethics. Corruption is not necessary to take action with penalties enforced by hardware for the communities who have high moral consciousness. And vice versa penalty action against corruption need to be straightforwardly for the country which is still low awareness of its moral by giving rewards to punishments as severe as corruptor small, medium, and large.
      At the time of Sukarno's Old Order practiced self-sufficient economy among others refuse entry of foreign capital to control vital resources such as gold mining, oil, and others. In this "Corruption" Pramoedya offensive role of women in acts of corruption in public office of a husband of the woman as a legal wife or mistress or just flings his fellow bachelors. Especially with a very high position who has the power to control such agency export import license.
      Bung Karno himself a president who never wanted to collect his personal belongings to himself. He does not have a bank account, and also did not have any assets and property. Wealth available to it the form of cash is what is in his pocket. Bung Karno did have a hobby of collecting expensive painting, but his collection was not private property but a Bung Karno gallery of paintings owned by the state.
      Unlike his successors namely Mr. Gen. Suharto, who opened the taps of foreign capital as big as this country has transformed into glittering but on the other side has a foreign debt that can not be settled by seven generations of the people of the archipelago.

Subowo bin Sukaris
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