Divination Joyoboyo "Jaman Edan"

Divination Joyoboyo "Jaman Edan"

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First industrial revolution in the world in the 18th place in the UK has changed the world entered "the age range of wacky" (jaman edan, jaman gendeng), as predicted by King of Kediri, Sri Aji Joyoboyo in the eleventh century AD. Steam engine, electricity, cars, planes and so started successfully found the human race. All the machines were capable of moving themselves and producing power-mad crazy knows no fatigue. Advances in technology since the 18th century can not be stopped a peak in the 1980s personal computers began to be developed in the United States, for continuous development of the micro processor to produce a variety of practical mini devices include mobile phones and portable computers. Another advancement in the field of the top guns in the form of nuclear missile, missile that can reach a distance of half the planet Earth. The progress of space technology is the successful landing of humans spacecraft on Mars and the success of humans set foot on the moon.
      Wacky era consists of parts that are like two sides of a coin, one side that is remarkable era, modern times and the other side is crazy era (jaman edan). Human straddle jump and act crazy to watch in the tv on the stage with great benefits, on the other hand the sponsors from big companies pay all that wacky-wacky it in exchange for advertising for the products they produce for the purchase of many people.
      Extraordinary era or modern times that lead to progress in the field of communication is cell phones, everywhere people talk alone, laughed alone, and sometimes cried alone but on the other end does not sound replication of the cellular phone is to talk to.
       Interstate warfare, the rampant pursuit of terrorists or fighters and a variety of increasingly bizarre crimes only: get rid of the baby, mutilation, drunk narcotics and addictive substances, and so forth. Also how to dress the men wear jewelry such as women wear earrings, or women wearing men's trousers and so on. Also thanks to the emancipation of women now have managed to occupy high positions in all fields so that the shifting role of the man who lead the lost opportunities in the world of work.
       Advances in technology at some point will reach the point of satiety, as Marx predict, "capitalism is digging his own grave hole." To stave off the destruction of the solution is typically used for industrial pop world war weapons to look alive again. For now the United States created the terrorist leader and then became the target prey, all of that for the sake of development of capital continue to prime their own wheels.
       Since the first socialist country in the world of the Soviet Union stood by the October Revolution of 1917, the capitalist countries secretly cooperate with Hitler's fascist Germany to stem the progress of the Soviet Union. The failure of Germany in the second world war resulted in the United States to attack Russia beat Germany turned to the Soviet Union together. And in turn the United States and its allies campaigned to eliminate the first socialist country in the world of the cold war. Soviet Union splintered apart into independent republics.
      All of that took place thanks to technological advances extraordinary weapon in the days of wonderful (crazy).
       Changes in patterns of thinking and behaving human beings continue to experience growth and on one side of the dominant role of religion stem the strange behavior and crazy, and on the other hand humans are faced with temptation or need for luxury items of industrial products such as luxury cars, luxury clothes, expensive communications equipment and so on, and all it needs funds to buy it.
The Buddha said, "everything in the form of valuables or wealth is the source of human suffering in the world."
       "Pancen wolak-waliking jaman, amenangi jaman edan, ora edan ora kumanan, sing waras padha nggagas, wong tani padha ditaleni, wong dora padha ura-ura, beja-bejane sing lali, isih beja kang eling lan waspadha," said Joyoboyo. So the people crowded the bandwagon to do something wacky like corrupt the state money to participate gets to enjoy the wealth and power and women.
       In the archipelago of the employees in the New Order perform a variety of large-scale corruption that resulted trilyader from some people archipelago, and also produced the poor in the number of millions of people. Though the archipelago's natural wealth is not limited in number and should be able to make hundreds of millions of people live gemah ripah loh jinawi. What happened next caused an economist of the New Order of the mounting national debt that must be paid up to seventy-derived offspring.
       Furthermore in the reform era that began in the New Order collapsed in the legislature that honored a fight broke out mouth and limb among fellow members of the council itself. They are paid with public money one of them to show polite behavior.
       For solutions to end the ridiculous era that the King Joyoboyo mention "notonogoro" which could mean a wide range, and one of them, among others, "rather than re-arrange all the chaos in the days of crazy." Anyone who is able to re-arrange the peak is wacky era massive eruption of chaos in the human world and the universe universe universe. And then the "notonogoro" create a new atmosphere for terbentukkan new world order and led the Archipelago enters "new era".
       Notonegoro in the sense that others are abbreviations or partial name syllable big kings that would reign in the new era. And that means not applicable in countries other than the royal-shaped archipelago, as an example of a republic is not currently any relevance at all with it.

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